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Nearly three weeks.....sinus infection, breathing probs too

Usual cold flu symptoms nearly three weeks ago, fibro and arthritis pain intensified possibly by the awful weather we have had? Took all the usual meds for sinus and flu....but no effect, went to the doctors was given antibiotic, did ask for a pump as i couldnt and still cannot breabreathe properly, anyway the doctor felt i didnt need one??? So another week hopefully these antibiotics will work, also still taking chemist sinus tablets, after that week of no sleep, breathing problems, exhurtion, i went back to see the doctor as i still felt much the same, i now have the pump, some stronger antibiotics and after four days i still feel the same, are these antibiotics not working too??? What the hell is up with me???? Sorry to moan but i cant breathe out of my nose at all i hurt, cos i stopped taking the zomorpth tablets to give the other tablets a sporting chance, any advise greatly appreciated.

Shazzad xx

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this might sound silly but do you think it could be really bad hayfever ?

my daughter last year got it and had never had in her life before ,she was 14 at the time,and also my mum got it bad aswell ,after never suffering for 60 yrs ,maybe try a antihistermine ?

its worth a try , :)

my other daughter who has had hayfever all her life suffers just like you are at the mo ,

it could be that hayfever is agrevating the sinus infection ,

well you never know ,and i hope you feel better soon :) xxx


I have had something similar for the past 5 weeks. One doc says it is viral, another says infection. Had two course of antibiotics, the latest is double strength and finishes today. Don't feel any better, and now nose is seriously bunged up. I have coughed day and night all this time, and though second course of antibiotics have eased the sore throat (from all the coughing) . Doc has given me inhalers though I have never had hayfever or asthma in my life. Had a chest X Ray done this morning, so awaiting results. Have to sit up at night because of all the coughing so has been a long time since I got a nights sleep. I am sure my (new) neighbours must think I'm a chain smoker (never smoked either).

Sorry I have no answers for you, but at least you aren't the only one suffering this odd malaise. Hope you get better soon, beginning to wonder now if this will ever go away


Thank you for your kind comments, i wish you good health and lots of pain free days xxx


shazzad I've got horrendous hay fever & it's the same symtoms. so has my son our sinuses are totally blocked - have to use my inhalers ! hope you get some kind of relief soon soft hugs dottiedog xxx


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