infection after infection

does anybody else have problems with infections, feel as though all i have done for the past 8 or 9 month is take antibiotics last week i had to go to emergency doctor as i could not pee and when i did pee it was just blood, turns out i had uti, put me on a 3 day course of antibiotics, today it flared up again and peeing bood again, turns out the doctor hadnt put me on a long enough course of antibiotics so guess what another week of antibiotcs for me xx

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  • Hiya yeah im exactly the same. hugs xx

  • tyvm spurs8r x

  • bless you ,how awful for you ,i find that i am more prone to getting ill ,ive just got over a awful gum infection ,had to have a 7 day course of antibiotics ,so maybe its true because we are always low ,we get more infections . xx

  • oh ty lynz glad ur better x

  • I too suffer from continual infections and have now been on a 'maintenance' dose of antibiotics continuously for about 4 years.

  • im supposed to be on long term antibiotic also as i keep taking abceses but antibiotics make me sick, so just got to take them when i have a flare up or an infection xx

  • That's me just finished another one!!!

  • hope ur feeling better sheelagh, hugs xx

  • hi i suffer from infections constantly chest infections can say if this is connected but i suffer from perrianal haematomas,blood clots in bum cheeks which have to be cut out, i have had 6 in 18 months.i have had 2 blackouts in the past 12 months my gp says its because my body is totally exhausted in december i was in hospital for a will commit to say this all down to fibro.the hospital said i had an abcess ? back in clinic in february they said it wasnt but couldnt say what caused it. i have since left my job as a retail manager & become self employed so when im ill i dont work.i just cant face applying for dla as i feel people think you are faking they dont understand the pain & sleepless nights.

  • lol u sound just like me i have just had 2 abcesses under my ochster cut away and now i have 1 on the top of my leg, it starts to get u really down, feel as though just get rid of 1 thing then summit else appears, i have my dla forms sitting here waiting to be filled in, i was told about 6 year ago to do it but like you i feel as though ppl dont actually believe me, i hope ur pain eases up a bit for you to get a sleep, hugs xx

  • For repeated water infections ask the gp to put you on a low grade antibiotic for a month to get your bladder rested . Cranberry capsuals are good as well .

  • hi gentlerain as soon as i finish this antibiotic iv to hand in a urine sample to see if i maybe have a kidney stone, hugs xx

  • I have been the same constantly its 1 thing after another to the point I'm fed up wiv it.....I was advised too take vitamins to fight infection didn't help at all :( xxxxxx

  • loullabelle i feel the same way honestly, and my doc gave me a multi vitamin that looks like a horse tablet but same as u feel they didnt work, hugs xx

  • hi,cranberry pills&lots of water!hospital told me if keep getting pee probs.3mths of low antibiotics should cure it!good luck hugs x

  • lollypop, drinking loads, doc told me not to drink anything with caffine in it as it irritates it, so hopefuly will get it cleared up this time . hugs xx

  • hi yes i am with everyone on this. i have been suffering an increasing number of infections then development allergy to penicillin. now non penicillian antibioic put on a months course of non penicillin antibiotic Erythromycin antibiotics 500mg.

    it seems to me, ME/CFS recognizes infections due to compromised immune far more openly than fibro.

    these continuous infections must be evidence of degeneration of our bodies. they can not be doing our bodies good??

    i eat only organic foods, no processed foods, no caffeine, low natural carbs, no wheat, gluten, or eggs. i take immune boosting supplements B12 and magnesium sulphate, mineral supplement every day B12 and magnesium sulphate, Q10 capsules, starflower (hormone trouble), Q10 capsules, Acetyl - l - carnet and more to name but a few. have had all metal filings removed in 2009 due to nickle toxin found on DNA abducts, yet nothing stops the reoccurring infections which make symptoms all so much worse. without the diet and supplements i feel so much worse. like my body is dying.

    I think maybe the multi-body dysfunction we all suffer is a complex history of combination of brain/spine injury/accident, chronic unrelenting stress/fatigue/over worked, toxic poisoning (heavy metals) and then the common cyclomegalovirus which is found in over 80% of people by age of 40 have and which is spread in the air. it seems to me we all have suffered either a combination of the above and end up with fibro/me/cfs.

    i believe we suffer differing levels of this condition depending on our exposure to the above, either some or all. it impacts varies accordingly.

    i suffer bladder, bowel, ibs, blisters and skin peeling on hands and feet. extreme headaches, widespread chronic muscle pain, extreme fatigue, sight and hearing problems, sweats, numbness, tingling in hands and feet, chronic chest muscle pain, last year outbreak of boils, dysfunctional cervical spine (for me i think years working exhaustive hours on pc at work through to early hours meeting deadlines). the toxins i think from the 9 vaccines given in one day for work shoot. depression, early menopause a year after becoming ill.

    no sex drive, serious cognitive issues.

    because of all the above my life has been ripped apart. we are all effected one way or another but the overall effect is the same. our bodies are dysfunctional. i know there is talk of genetic links, but this is not the same for all of us and my family has no history of this at all.

    we are not supported adequately by the medical profession and have to pay just to stay alive i feel. it is an outrage and a cover up. as we are given no choice but to research our condition it is not long before you see the evidence of what research is finding. so why are we letting our governments get away with it......

    watch this video and hear what this science reporter Mindy Keta (?) said to the American CDC medical profession. although some of this is not appropriate re cause and effect, as with all of us it is a combination and the patient and correct tests needs to correct.

    we need to organize a protest outside parliament? who would be up for this?

    involve all the charity groups. we are suffering in silence, due to inadequate medical treatments and investigations and research. we have to fight just to live and survive. we are resilient. we should involve medical professionals, we should try and stay for one week.

    i believe our illnesses are a cover up, due to the environmental factors the government and business want to cover up their role in our illness.

  • Hi i'm exactly the same, i had an hestarectomy nearly 4 an half yrs ago, and have suffered with my kidneys and water infections ever since, like you i have been on antibiotics for all this time, every day, i am going into hospital for day surgery on monday, and then being admitted on friday next week for another opperation to go into my kidneys to see why, i am also peeing blood,(both opperations are to do with my kidneys) i have been under the urigynacolgy for about 7yrs now, i suffer with incontinence even though i've had 2 other opps to help but dident work, i had never had a kidney infection before in my life, before the opps, for years i had to take 1 month of 1 lot of antibiotics then the 2nd month a difrent antibiotic then the 3rd month another different one, then back to the 1st then 2nd then 3rd and so on, i also have COPD which is lung diease and my breathing is bad, i have been rushed into hospital many many times, with bad kidney infections, and kept in for over a week at a time, if your peeing blood please ask to be sent to ur urigynacology because this is not rite, or even A&E ...... all of my urine infections always had traces of blood but now it is pure red, not all the time but has happened lots of times and so painfull to wee, fed up with it all, but what can we do

    gentle hugs and loadsa love xxxx

  • ps...... i was told Not to drink anything with cathine ie tea/coffee/diet coke also no green tea, and nothing with citrus in, ie lemons/limes/oranges ect


  • hi jayjay, im the same started off it was just a little blood now its lots, iv to hand a urine sample in when i have finished my antibiotic, trying to find out if i have a kidney stone as that can cause bleeding, i hope your operations go well and it gets sorted for you, i sympathse with you as i know the pain ur going through. hugs and love back at you xx

  • It might be worth considering whether a lack of probiotics or an ongoing systemic Candida infection could be involved. Either of these can lead to recurring infections and may be more likely after repeated courses of antibiotics (it can be a vicious cycle).

    With bladder problems, it's worth making sure that they check it is a bacterial UTI before prescribing antitbiotics. There is a condition called Institial Cystitis which can cause real problems with urinating and blood in the urine without an infection.

  • Hi sparkydawl,

    Thankyou so much, i dident think of kidney stones, i no i'm not looking forward to the opps, i just take 1 antibiotic every nite now and have done for over a year now, but if i get a kidney infection i have a course aswell some times a 2 week course, my kidneys are always in pain more on my rite side on a daily basis, along with all my other illness'es includeing FM i just feel in constant pain, it does get me down sometimes but i try to stay positive but its very hard these days, i am also in a wheelchair and have been for over 3 an half years now. I just wish they could find whats causeing it and hopefully sort it out once and for all, when i do pee i have a hot burning sensation and it takes a while for me to go and also to empty my bladder and sometimes it feels like i'm peeing glass and very painful and stings if that makes any sence..... I hope you get yours sorted out too, i really feel for you and to have to cope with all the other illness'es aswell its just not fair fibro is a hard enough illness to deal with on its own and all the symptoms that comes with it, i wish you well, and really hope you get it sorted out soon, big hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

    Thanks lindseyMid,

    i think Institial Cystitis was written on a letter to my GP from urogynacology dept, i got a copy sent to me, this was a while ago though, i have gone a couple of months now without a kidney infection which is the longest time since suffering with infections in the 4 an half yrs so maybe the antibiotics i take of a nite every nite are finally working fingers crossed

    Thanks again xxx

  • I must say I don't suffer from a lot of infections but do suffer from recurrent UTI infections. Your GP can provide you with a supply of the most commonly effective antibiotic with instructions to start taking yourself as soon as you feel the signs. That what mine does so it never gets too bad.

    Whippet x

  • Hi whippet,

    yes my GP does and has given me antibiotics just incase and has helped as soon as i feel one comeing on i'm stright on the antibitics

    Thanks hun, love and gentle hugs xxx

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