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A passion

I have always had a passion for the theatre. From when I was little and went to Drama School have always wanted to tread the boards - did I manage that - well yes at the Watford Palace Theater So now I read magazines for the blind. I read at the end of each month and they are sent copies to listen to. I get a kick out of helping them and I hope they enjoy it too. (soaking wet cat just come to be dried). The thing I loved the best was pantomime . I usually played a wicked witch - sea monster or wicked sister= what a thrill seeing the children getting involved- Its behind you - Yes it is now but I still think it is brilliant! What passions does any one else have? x gins

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morning gins.mines writing and id love to write a book someday maybe.or even run my own charity has ive done alot of charity work and have a good voice about speaking up when i wanna.good for you .

dont let this illness ruin your passion,x


thanks sammy mine has also changed to writing just done childrens literature at OU now need to start mine. ****** xx gins


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