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Hi, Another question from a newbie - Does anyone suffer with Brain Fog where someone is telling you something and you just cannot for the life of you concentrate and feel like your head is going to explode? My poor husband gets the brunt of my inability to concentrate on him when he tells me about his gaming, films, books - though I seem to be able to a little better when it's about his emotions and things that are bothering him. I just can;t follow him when he talks about his hobby as it seems so complicated and I'm not a gamer. Is it Fibro or just me?

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  • Hi Charose,

    Your not alone 'Fibro fog' as it is commonly known among us affects us all in so many different ways. I'm a lot like you, I just can't seem to get the information to stay inside my head. People talk to me and tell me things and I'm like, erm sorry can you repeat that for me haha. Don't worry hun, you can find an answer to almost any question here, but at least you know what 'Fibro Fog' is now. Gentle hugs hun xxxx

  • Yes, I have the same! I can't seem to concentrate on some conversations no matter how hard I try. Sometimes I even forget what I am told within 5 minutes. At first hubby and my family thought I was exaggerating, but as time went on living with my memory or the lack of, they realised that I really couldn't help it. I used to remember everything before having Fibromyalgia!

    Also I seem to "drift off" in mid conversation lol, which is really annoying! There is a limit on how many times people explain things to me lol! I've accepted now that I'm not actually going nuts, it's just one of those Fibro things and I've learnt to live with it. It's permanently foggy with Libby! ;) :D

  • Hi The prob i get is cant get the right word for things out its in my head sort of but wont come out of mouth and sometimes can be telling someone something and half way through suddenly think what the hell am i talking about. Fibro has a lot to answer for. soft hugs Marg. xx

  • This all sounds very familiar, I am glad to hear its not just me, but so sorry that so many others suffer too. Cazx

  • yes me and my fella get it all the time and we look silly when where in mid sentence and we stop becoz of it your not alone.

  • You are definately not alone I am the same My son has now begun to finish my sentences for me lol but it can be annoying especially when you are talking to someone who doesn't know you lol your mind knows what you want to say but it comes out wrong lol My children always call me nutty!! so having this makes me even nuttier!!! try not to worry it's part of that mr fibro fog. love n best wishes to you xxxx

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