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What is ESA?

I've been reading a lot of your questions & answers & I keep seeing ESA I've been a fibro sufferer for the past 5 yrs & due to certain circumstances I've not been in employment for the past 18mths but have been fostering twins aged 3 which was very hard work but enjoyable. Since they have been returned to their mother I have had no income but my dr has said I look so much better since giving up work but that doesn't pay the bills & I need to pay the bills soon.

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Employment Support assistance. Try it but be prepared for a big form and medical. Which they probably fail you (because they do that a lot) then appeal and a tribunal. They do all this to put you off applying. CAB are brilliant at helping if you need it


Try checking the Government website here :

There are some organisations, like CAB, that can help you work out what you may be entitled to. Some are listed on this page:


You may also be entitled to DLA - Disability Living Allowance - which is another long, horrible form to fill in.

It's best to get supporting letters from your GP and any other person involved with your health care, and send COPIES of them with your forms. Send your forms by Recorded/Special Delivery.

Good luck!


Thanks everyone but it really does put one off reading all this data, the way I feel at the moment I don't think I can be bothered!!!!


yes i know what you mean i applied for DLA as my doctepor said i had a good chance of getting it but hads home visit and gp letyter backingme but no big fat noso i not reapplying or appealing as the man from dial who came round to help me fill in the forms said if they say no i would leave it for a year to 18 months as they will keep saying no it is a waste of time where as if you leave it then reapply prob because you hve gotten worse then you will more than likely get it as some people jus aply about 6/7 times one after the other and they just throw them to the side so that is what i am doing assessing what i am like in year or 2 then go from there

l;ike you say there is so much data and form filling i just cant get my head round it all

love to you diddle xx


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