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has anyone got sleepy sickness

does anybody have a problem with sleeping too much? . know it`s the opposite of a lot of fibro sufferers but i`m finding it soooooooooo hard to get up in the morning .Don`t know if it`s because my meds have been increased but some mornings if nobody wakes me i`m still sleeping to about 10am , and then i have a wee lie down in the afternoon.i`ve went from not being able to sleep to struggling to stay awake . :-) xx

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hi i can sleep for the olimpics ... I can get up at 7am then nap then sleep at 7 ish all night

if i dont need to get up i can sleep till 12 ish and still go to bed early xx

dyslexic hugs


It's not so much the needing sleep feeling, I get the needing bed just to rest feeling! It's overpowering and I have to give in to it. I don't always feel better for it, but my body needs it. Consequently I tend to get up later and stay up later, but my body and mind perform better for it. :)


Marydolls description fits me too, but l my 'wee nap' tends to last for around 3 hours! Have CFS as well as FM so maybe you should be checked for this too? Seeing my specialist next week to see if I return to work (off since mid March) and plan to mention my sleeping patterns to him too. Fibrofog as got worse too!

Good luck Mary doll! I Fibro hugs x


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