Hyperbaric oxygen treatment

Has anyone tried this?

There is an M S charity in Aberdeen offering this as a treatment which might benefit Fibro and I was thinking I would give it a try but not sure how much it might help. They also offer Reflexology which I previously enjoyed in the time before Fibro and thought of trying this too.

If anyone has any experiences good or bad, even if it wasn't you yourself please let me know and if I go ahead with it I can let you all know if it helps in any way.

Thanks 🐷

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  • Tried the hyperbaric chamber and the travelling undid any benefits for me but I would not deter you from trying as some friends with MS found using a chamber on alternative weeks that were stretching type exercise was worthwhile.

  • Thanks, travelling isn't really an issue for me, or so I hope, as its only about 20 minutes.

  • Funny you should post about this as I have just started doing some research into it.. Found a FB page a few days ago but that was as far as I got.. Will be interested to read responses. 🙂

  • It is not something that I have done but it sounds very intriguing? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck if you decide to give this a go.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • I went to Swanfield MS Therapy Centre in Edinburgh for a few years. At the beginning when you have to attend 14 days in a row I felt absolutely wonderful, then went once a week which is beneficial. If it was possible to have hyperbaric oxygen every day I'm sure we would all feel much better. The travelling in and out was what prevented me from continuing. It made a big difference to my eyesight which FM had deteriorated. I stopped needing stronger lenses in my specs. There are different depths of pressure and I felt the 32 (deepest one) was most beneficial for me but everyone has different responses to it. Go for it if you get the opportunity. At Swanfield you have to produce clearance from your gp. I believe there is a centre in Dundee as well. Not good for anyone who is claustrophobic - small round tank with seating for about 8 people and you wear a mask with inlet and outlet hoses which you don't put on until pressure is reached. People chat away until masks go on then you can read (kindle praps) or listen to music. Hope this helps.

  • How long did you have to stay in the chamber? I must have a look and see if they have a website. Thanks for giving the info 🐸

  • Hi Sorebones you are in the tank for approximately an hour plus the time it takes to reach pressure and then depressurise. At 32 depth probly 1 hr 20 mins. It's run on charity contributions so if you can, a donation would be helpful and there is a small joining fee. I was lucky enough to meet a great group of people mostly with MS and my visits to the Centre were entertaining. I had never met such brave yet humorous people who were fun to be with in spite of their difficulties. There are an awful lot of people like that on this site who, in spite of their ongoing suffering, go on encouraging and sympathising others. I truly commend and thank them all.xx

  • Great to know, thank you 🐸

  • Would definitely recommend the reflexology... I try and get a session whenever I can afford it.... it is so relaxing. If you try the oxygen treatment, please let us know how you get on with it. I live close to Aberdeen and would be interested in trying it out xxx

  • I have read about it recently and they said that it even can cure FM - yes you heard correctly (those were the words from the report) - here is the report:

    Fibromyalgia is a disease that is still shrouded in a lot of mystery in the medical community. For sufferers, the constant aches and pains are extremely difficult to deal with. Muscle pain, light sensitivity, and difficulty focusing are all symptoms that fibromyalgia patients express to their doctors.

    Until recently, there have not been many studies that have gone in depth to understand fibromyalgia. This has frustrated many people who have long days (and even longer nights) due to the pain. Sure, there are a few ways doctors have tried to treat the pain, but sometimes those don’t work. Pain medications and drugs like Lyrica only work for a few lucky people who find some relief.

    Finally, one group of scientists and doctors is trying to find a new way to help… and even heal fibromyalgia pain. Their way? With high pressure oxygen therapy.

    But what is high pressure oxygen therapy and how does it treat fibromyalgia? These questions are easy to answer.

    The researchers at Tel Aviv University use hyperbaric chambers to expose patients to extremely high levels of pure oxygen. Hyperbaric chambers are typically used to treat patients with burns, carbon monoxide poisoning, and embolisms, but the researchers found that when a fibromyalgia sufferer is exposed to pure oxygen over an extended amount of time, their body begins to heal itself.

    You heard me right- heal itself.

    The study noted that 70% of patients were successful by decreasing the amount of pain medication they needed to take. And some patients, mostly those who had a traumatic brain injury that triggered their fibromyalgia, saw their symptoms completely reverse. That means they went off pain medications completely.

    These test results are so important to the fibromyalgia community because they prove that there are other options to treat symptoms. Sufferers know that living with the pain is a constant struggle that is often too much to handle. And it’s that much worse when common treatments like Lyrica don’t seem to work.

    Where I live in Namibia Africa they don't have the chambers unfortunately - I have had FM for 32 years already - so fed up with it :(

  • Wow! Namibia. You won't have many problems dealing with cold weather then. Does the heat bring its own problems? Those of us in the UK know too well that cold wet and windy days are going to increase our pain levels 🐸

  • Hi Sorebones,

    Yes it is simply too hot here and in winter it is very cold (minus 2 deg) but it is a dry winter. I lived in Cape Town South Africa for 30 years, before returning to my country of birth.

    I am on this website mainly to find out if anything new has been developed and also I do not know another person that has fibro - so yes I feel a bit more connected here. For how long have you had fibro? We have no benefits from the government to help us in medical terms. I have spent an absolute fortune trying to heal my fibro or at least make it more manageable. My last experience has been trying Cymbalta for three months and what does it do - triple my pain levels and it is now permanently that high. I have absolutely no quality of life left.

  • I can understand the lack of help with disability etc. I lived in the highveld for over ten years. Winter is lovely in that part of the world, 20C and sunshine during the day and sub zero at night. No rain though, in months without an 'r' ha ha.

    My meds are very different from yours as I have severe osteoarthritis in my spine, knees and hands (that have been confirmed so far). The only one I take for Fibro is 100mg of amitrypteline at 7pm. My rheumatologist (area of expertise for Fibro) has prescribed it for me too help me sleep as well as help the muscle twitches (if you can call my arms shooting up a twitch).

    Best thing I have done is to undertake a pain management programme. See if there is one you can attend. If not you can get all the info you need online. I'm sure others on here would be willing to share their knowledge and experience in pain management if you ask 🐸

  • I have bought today Boswellia for the pain and it says online that it is also very good for osteoarthritis. I only take Lyrica 75mg - also because it helps me so much with sleeping. I also take LDN (Low dose Naltrexone) and that really helps with the sleeping and possible with the pain, but my pain is out of control at the moment. Lets see how the boswellia works for me.

  • Lyrica is called pregabalin here. Several forum members are on it 🐸

  • Hi Sorebones,

    My last word on the oxygen chamber is you cannot have too much oxygen - it heals so much - even cancer and/or prevents it. Keep your body alkaline then you prevent many illnesses including arthritis - cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment - no kidney stones, no many other illness - fibro fog has set in haha - it certainly would be my first line of defence for everything - wish I had access to it. Good luck and gentle hugs

  • Thank you naturegirl. It certainly can't hurt. I'm going to do more research into how to go about getting the treatment. Your input appreciated 🐸

  • Seize the day, go for it, sounds brilliant!

  • This is really interesting. I mentioned it myself in a reply to a post about the new possible blood test research. If it was available in my area I would certainly give it a go. Anything is worth a try. Please let us know how you get on if you do try it?

    Best wishes MariLiz

  • I have looked into this and asked my Rheumatologist just before Christmas. There was nothing reliably conclusive and as already said if it were an everyday option without travel that might help to at least try it.

    The Rheumatologist was under the impression that it wouldn't help :-(

    I wonder if using oxygen via tanks is an idea!

    I do think we grasp at straws but maybe, one day, one of those straws might prove to be useful :-)

  • I use oxygen (ambulatory) and I think it's combining the oxygen with pressure that is supposed to produce the benefits.

    Still daring the dream of one day :-)

  • I thought so Ian, wishful thinking :-)

    I did scuba dive and hope to again this year. Maybe I should cause myself to suffer from decompression :-P be a chance to try.

    Only joking :-) don't want to die.

  • Getting in the water is the scuba diving conundrum that was no problem fit and well but feeling that a heavy weight is on you is an air tank plus weight belt reality :-)

    Hope something can be worked out for obstacles :-)

  • Thanks Ian.

    Yes, though I wasn't well in the years I did dive but there was always someone (my buddy :-P) to help. I found that part difficult though :-(

    Now my daughter is a dive master and may be an instructor by the time we go somewhere warm :-) She really wants me to be able to dive again. Red Sea here we come......eventually :-)

  • Warm sea water in a villa pool (Spain) gave a sense of the weightless that was great :-)

    Getting out of the pool when gravity came back and the temperature drop that had me shiver because I was wet less so.

    For magical memories of the great time I would do it again only with provision for the parts that took some of the shine off :-)

  • I wanted to try this,for a different medical problem.my Dr just laughed at me.that was 30 yrs ago.

    i would still like to try it.

  • Haven't tried but would love to

  • I recently contacted the ms centre in Glasgow to ask about this, unfortunately as I get claustrophobic i could not do it, akso i get asthma which is another nono. I was told you need to see yor gp first and get written ok before they will see you. Would ve interested in knowing how you get on if you proceed.

  • I have asthma and take Symbicort and Bricanyl and I was ok'd for hyperbaric oxygen. You cannot go if you have a cold though.

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