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A Blue Book actually it does not matter what colour although if I had written black book we know

what would have ben next. Any way my blue book - every day in the morning I write down things I am going to attempt to do or need to do whether it be around the house or shopping or sorting draws or cupboards or indeed writting.

So it is a book o LISTS yes lists I do it in a book because if I dont manage to tick everything off on a page I can move it over to another day. During January it has worked very well keeping me on track more than last year when I ended up with lots lists floating about - never shore if I had finished tem or not.

I am sharing this with you all not to be boring but hopefully to help you all. I find my mind need extra compartmentalising it is so full of pain sleep worry anxiety about family friends myself it gets bogged down and the Little blue book helps!

The stronger the pain relief the more it seems to be a necessity but hey ho it is actually quite fun in a way well as you all know I love to keep amused and smiling if I can I can even write that down and tick it off on the days I manage it :)

I hope this scatter brained rambling may be of use to some of you :) gentle hugs on a very windy day hold on to your hats xgins

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Oh no there is no hope for me ,,,,, I am turning into Gins I too have lists and I write them in a blue notebook.....soon no one will be able to tell us apart or maybe will gain fame like the Hollywood couples and people on here will call us a joint name like Brangelina.... Ohh will we be GG or Vins and will we get a joint star on the pavement in Hollywood... Goes to get her fins fluffed ready for fame

VG ;)


Honey only the best can recognise each other! while you are polishing your fins can you get my highlights redone? xgins


Of course,, if only I could find your head,,,,, see my post above.....


VG xx


My head is next to yours we are next in line for the four star treatment. Now name GG sounds like a horse Vins a bad wine Brangelina is extrordinary how about oh I dont know you were doing better than me vg and gins should be Virgins ?

Ha ha xgins


morning Gins that is a good idea hope your day goes well

love beth x


Yey Gins - a brilliant idea.

I make a list of 'to-do's' every day and usually lose it, but I have decided to use my new diary to keep my lists in.

I hope this will help me, 'cos some days I have had to put 'get up, shower, get dressed, lie down again' - I'm sure everyone here knows that feeling!

Love, Moffy x


Hi Moffy,

I know that feeling well! I usually feel like lying down after a shower, especially if I have washed my hair. That always takes a supreme effort and then there is the effort of holding a hair drier and drying it, which is even more tiring. C'est la vie!

Have a happy day!

Love and hugs Saskia. XX


Hi Gins,

Will take your good advice. I am always writing lists on the backs of envelopes and other sheets of paper and then losing them and having to make more lists, so a book would be brilliant as long as I don't mislay the book, of course!

Like you I am a smiley person who hides my pain and deep emotions behind an outgoing personality. So..maybe I shan't need to put that on the list as it just comes naturally.

Of all the names for you and VG above I think I like Virgins the

Hope you have a lovely day smiling and ticking things off your list.

Love and hugs Saskia. XX


i have a pink book write lists of things to do sometimes even finish a list but whenever i do shopping list always forget book so now put remmember book on list of things to do


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