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Breaking thru the fibro fog the book

There was a conference in April with the author of this book and i went along with a friend. I am surprised to not see this book for sale on the fibromyalgia association web site for sale. There is no information on the website about what went on at this conference and the author has written a book with evidence to support his claims.

I am suprised that there is not a write up informing us about the recent research and where we can purchase the book. Pasty Baker arranged this conference and i want to buy the book so i can bring it along to my doctor to address this condition.

has anyone been to the conference or bought the book.

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I have read about the conference and the book on the website informing us about it but am shocked that FMA shop is not selling it, does nobody believe in his finding then.


I dont know but maybe amazon could help otherwise I am afraid you have drawn a blanc.

Sorry gins


Dear Josie46,

Are you enquiring about the book by Breaking Thru the Fibro Fog: Scientific Proof Fibromyalgia Is Real, By Kevin P. White MD Phd, Kevin White.

I am sorry you have been unable to locate this book by the other avenues you have tried. I happy to say that if you wish to purchase this book, it is available through our FibroAction A Store. Here is the link ,

I hope this is of help to you

Best Wishes

Emma :)


This book is available with Amazon. The kindle version is priced at £3-28 paperback at £12-32 .


Thanks for that but does nobody believe in his findings as i am shocked that FMA are not selling this in there book shop, Fibro Action are selling this book but why is there not a write up on this website informing people of this findings, if this book was released a year ago, i was not aware of this and i use these websites.

Does nobody believe in his findings, has anyone taken this information to there doctors and whats the point of arranging these conferences with Dr Kevin White when this information which is scientific were not posted on any fibro websites and it seems like none of the fibro websites believe in his findings, strange, any views or if you have taken the information to your doctor, your views.


Will buy the book but is the disk version available as when i was at the conference he was selling disks with the speech of the conference, i would like to purchase this as well, will try and email Pasty Baker but has nobody on this website bought the book and bought the information to there doctor otherwise what the point of arranging these conferences, does nobody believe in him.

Did anyone who attended the conference and bought the book and disk, have you bought this information to your doctor and what respond did you get from your doctor.


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