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So DLA have had my claim for 13 weeks never heard anything from them so i rang them on Monday to see what was happening to be told they are still waiting on my doctor and once they had received the report a decision would be made so i left it at that. woke up this morning with a letter from DLA saying that i had not been awarded due to stupid reasons! i then read further on and noticed it said that they had used information from my form and the (hospital) bearing in mind im not actually under the hospital for my fibro i just see my local gp. anyway once i noticed this i rang them straight away to be told that they had discarded the gp's report and gone on to the hospital which knows nothing has to how the fibro affects me as an individual. anyway my question is are they allowed to do this and totally discard me?

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No you have the right to appeal i did then finally

Got the higher rate of mobility.


they've given me the option for a review, but in this ive got to provide a letter from my gp which is going to cost me £10 just because they discarded the first one that my gp sent in anyway, and tbh i cant see the point cos all the letter is going to say is the exact same as the report they received and they totally discarded that so will they do the same with the letter im going to get that's going to cost me £10, im furious at them, idiots!!!!


A similar thing happened to me last year, they refused me, because of my doctors info. I went to CAB and they helped me. I asked my GP if he had heard from them and he had not so it was all lies!

Get some help, they just fob you off and hope you will go away. best wishes Caz,

by the way I asked for them to look at my claim again and sent them a letter from my GP and other information, and was re-instated

.I also had letters from family and friends to say how my disability affected me. Don't give up, also ask GP to send letter to you so you can check it, give him an idea what they are looking for.


ring Drs and ask for a copy of the letter that they sent off, no point paying for another one until you see what the original said, then contact CAb to appeal xx


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