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Went to see my Dad yesterday and felt exhausted coming back, to the point that I imagined that I nearly ran into the back of vehicles, I was soooo tired. Got home at 5pm and went straight to bed for a couple of hours, I was in so much pain and my hand kept going into spasms. I slept realy heavily last night and have been yuk all morning had a "turn" when I took the dogs for a walk, luckily I was walking with another lady, who helped me.

I spent this afternoon starting a scrapbook of memories for my Dad, then suddenly remembered that I had an appt at the Doctors. Got there and found that my appt was tmw not today, ever had one of those days, when nothing seems "right" At least I was proactive and got some bolognese sauce out of the freezer for tea, so once my hubby gets home tea won't take long!!!

Happy Days and Snuggly Hugs x x x x x x

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i have days like that a lot ,i just want to go to bed and start again ,and i have even turned up to appointments early aswell ,i hope you and hubby enjoy dinner :-D x


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