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With fibro and M.E. I take a cocktail of medication, I have got things on a fairly even keel. I know nore or less what I can and can't do.... but even so I can walk my dogs some days but by the time \i get home I have to sit down because of the fatigue and I can sleep for anything from 30 mins to 75 mins and more, if I get to the afternoon and not slept I get into bed and it can be 3 hours. Tonight I fell asleep at 6am and woke at 7.45 my husband telling me that tea was ready....................... why oh why do I need to sleep so much ????

hugs to all x x x x x x x

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Thankyou Rosehip M.E. is most certailny the culprit!!


Hi Chris I think it probably is since I wasd iagnosed withM.E. I will be seeing my Gp soon so will certainly ask about this

Night Chris x x


Hi soulsusie

i too have me/cfs aswell as my fibro an im exactly the same as you , i manage to take my dogs, walking very slow with my sticks 2 out of the 7 mornings and when i get home im totally wacked and have to sit down for a while and i too have to lie on my bed ievery afternoon an end up in my dozy state and my 16 yr old son usually calls me telling me he has made me some tea!!

i really hate being like this an relying on everyone else doing what i consider my 'jobs'

gentle hugs xx


hi i am the samre i walk my little doggy 20 mins max but i strugggle some days he has 5 mins but 2/3 times a day this is a funny old illness and we must all do what we can when we can and thats the only way to deal with it love to you diddle x


I haven't been able to walk my two very energetic dogs since last year and have to rely on hubby and my sons to help out there. I hope to walk them again now I am a bit fitter. Perhaps cutting the duration of your dog walking might help with the fatigue that follows, I don't know whether this might make a difference to you. Might be worth a try. :) :)


Between FMS CFS Ankalosing spondilosis IBS anongst others. I slee pop an average of 18 Hrs a day. Fibrofog doesnt help either.


Hi, i have ME too and the fatigue is a real killer for me.

If i dont get loads of sleep i am so horrible and nasty to my partner, but i just cant help it. Some days i cant even be bothered to speak its that bad.

I have learnt how to pace and rest and all i seem to do is rest.

hugs, kel xxxx


I would love to get a dog but having ME I don't know how I would manage to walk it every day. Oh well - maybe one day I'll be well enough to get one.



You could get one of those ickle dogs that don't need hardly any walking!! Some of them are just so cute.


Thanks to all of you who answered my blog, I actually had my dogs pre diagnosis, actually they are very good, they enjoy getting out even it is only 10 mins. I forgot to say that at the momment my white blood cell count is very low at this time so I guess all things are fighting one another.

Soft hugs, Sue x x x


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