Eventful few days

Friday went to 9 month follow up at Input Pain management programme

done my measures and they were better than last ones before so very


Afterwards went out on the town had a meal & a few beers got home at

130am a bit worse for ware

Satururday back up to town for Chronic pain social club commitee meeting

& social to the theatre, very enjoyable.

Sunday gave Mum her presents & took Mum & dad out for lunch very enjoyable afternoon. was shattered & in Pain after that took all monday to get over it.

Gentle Hugs to all

pleas excuse spelling

Brother Fibromite in pain


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  • well you had a good time by the sounds of it lots going on there but are paying for it now bless youtr heart it horible we all do these things knowing that in next few days we will really pay for those few hours of fun but we have got to do them, i do hope your pain gets a little easier love to you Diddle x

  • hi rubberman! (ur name still makes me chuckle!!)

    hope you're feeling a little more human now?

    Alcohol is a good muscle relaxant isnt it!!

    take care


  • hi Rubberman you do seem to have been busy well done , i am particularly interested in the chronic pain club you belong to and was wondering if there was a club like that near me , i live in herts ?

  • Good for you rubberman! it's nice to hear some positive news

    Sometimes you just have to let go a bit even tho you know you will prob suffer for it afterwards......life is too short !

    big smiles and gentle hugs :)

  • Hi all sorry for late reply been busy today trying to fight of this cold

    and food shopping had to be done & dinner cooked

    thanks diddle realy helps,me with confidence & worth carrying on

    your words of wisdom. .

    Thats right Christine I had a lovely time but back to reality and having

    to push to keep going if you know what I mean thanks for replying helps

    me no end Thankyou,

    Westgate Don't know what you are thinking about my name but glad it makes you chuckle yes Alchohol is a great muscle re laxer and had a really good time

    thank you.

    Floozy the chronic Pain Social is a charity of Guys & St Thomas hospital london you can join when you have completed the 4weeks Input Pain Management Programe & is called PPIPS.

    Have you asked at Fibromyalgia association if they have a local club near


    Thankyou Stefi, it really helped having my mates from the programe to go out

    on the town with.

    Hope peace love to you all

    Brother Fibromite in Pain


    Sorry for typos

  • Goodness if I had realised would never have moved from Romford years ago - Putting house up for sale lol.

    Take care

  • Goodness if I had realised would never have moved from Romford years ago - Putting house up for sale lol.

    Take care

  • Hi circuitrunner

    thats a real shame

    take care

    Brother Fibromite in Pain


  • Hey Rubberman sounds like you had a good time lol nothing like a good blow out from time to time a good weekend but then payback really hope you are feeling much better now and enjoy a quiet weekend ha-ha!!

    Gentle hugs Ruby xx

  • Thanks RubyWhiplash & nice to meet you

    having a quiet weekend this week to recover

    Gentle hugs


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