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After spending the morning in more pain than usual I come to the conclusion I have forgotten (yet again) to take my meds grrrr

I have to say I am a bit less tired than I feel when I take the pain killers but is it worth it with the increased pain as every part of me from head to toe is screaming out...........

Now have taken the medication and am hoping it does its job of dulling the pain a little. I think I need to get one of those weekly pill organisers! but will that help me remember to take them ?

At least the sun is out which helps the day along a bit :)

I hope everyone is having a good and possibly pain free day :)

gentle hugs

Stefi x

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ive just bought one of those and it has helped me to remember (most of the time lol ) :)


Ha excellent ! I shall def get one :) where do you get them from ?


i got mine from pound lound :) have you got one near you ?


Yes fairly near, I just need to remember to GET one now :P


set your mobile to remind you too!



I must get a day to week container for my meds i take them then forget if i have taken them or not so really must sort that out poundland here i come love to you diddle x


I am far too easily distracted and will often, on my way to the kitchen for the pills, notice summat that needs doing and I get diverted. Howeverlong later, I'll remember that I've forgotten lol. It's usually the midday or 4pm pills which get overlooked, especially because some are 3 times a day and others 4 times a day.

And you've just reminded me that I need to order some more Gabapentin, which I've forgotten to do for the past 2 days. Doh!


It's the same with me, some meds 2 times a day, some 3 and some 4 & I am really bad with remebering to order meds when they are running out.

I think my memory is getting worse! I can be on my way to another room and totaly forget what I am going there for! and the same in shops, I find myself staring at the shelves in the supermarket wondering what it was I needed to get lol.....


Well I was all over the shop today, despite having my organiser all set up the night before. Usually I take a load of pills before breakfast. It seemed to take me forever to have breakfast etc - then I had a quick look and I had forgotten to take the meds that usually get me going. I was about an hour and a half late with my pills, so I was equally late in beginning to feel human. Lunchtime came and went. I was tired and achey and decided to lie down. I was really in a major flare by then and couldn't understand why. At 4.30pm I went to take my usual pills - and found I hadn't taken my lunchtime ones. No wonder I felt as if I'd been hit by a truck. I forgot to set my phone to remind me and everything. My mind was elsewhere. Tomorrow I will try to do better.


Oh dear! It sounds like you have had a very "fibro day"

I havent got my organiser yet as I won't be going out till friday. but I find that even when reminded about taking my meds if I don't take them right away I am still liable to forget completely.

heres hoping for a better day for us with our medication tomorrow !


Hear hear! :)


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