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Worried about my job now - warning, rant alert!


Ok so I have been home from hospital one day am trying to recover from a small operation to reset my dislocated clavicle. I had a lovely visit from my friends fro

Work then in the afternoon got a tc from my line manager who said that I had hit a trigger point cos I had gone into work for an hour I between my injury and operation! What!!! I went in because every time I rang up they kept telling me how busy they were and how they needed me there! I felt awful when I arrived at work, bearing in mind this was 5 days after my injury and then they, including the bosses freaked out at my injury and told me to go have the operation! I am one of the most dedicated and hard working members of staff despite my fibro and I know they don't want to get rid of me but my boss is an HR managers dream - she takes their advice and plays it by the book. She could easily have discounted that houri came in as one period of sickness. Now I can't relax for worrying if my job is safe I am a union rep and I know she should not have mentioned trigger points in

That conversation and neither should 2 bosses have emotionally blackmailed me into coming back to work so soon

Am waiting for union convey or to ring me now

Rant over

A rather raging Storm x

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this is all you need right now what selfish people they are.you are meant to be recovering done they get that?

o.m.g i hope you get to put your mind at ease.this is terrible and you just done need this..


Storm, my boss is just the same, and it drives us all crazy. It's hard to be off at the best of times, but when they try to blackmail you back into work, and then punish you for it, it really does take the p***.

What trigger point have you hit? I wouldn't panic, anyway - it's not something you can change, and the union will back you up. I've only just come off a stage 2 warning, having returned to work in February, and it was my first ever warning in 11 years of employment! But, if there's one thing fibro teaches you, it's that s*** happens!

Stay calm, and get backup. Gentle hugs xx

I'm already on stage 1 because my employer say that instead of discounting people with disabilities they monitor them to 'support' them. This is rubbish. They have given me a 7 day in 6 months target. I hit 4 of those with fibro 2 weeks before my accident. Occy health is now in-house so is not impartial. They are getting rid of people thro sickness management and won't admit it but the unions know it! I have 3 grounds for grievance now. I wish I could just get my healing business off the ground instead

irisjoy in reply to stormwytch

i am sure if you did there would be a lot of people on here who would be interested

If you ever do, I'll come and join you! I've been toying with that idea myself!

On the work front, though, I agree entirely about the 'supporting people with disabilities' line - I've scoured our new sickness absence policy, and there is no allowance whatsoever for staff with disabilities. I'm annoyed, especially as, where my Mum used to work, they discounted any absence related to the person's disability! Don't suppose you're lucky enough to have sustained the injury on work's premises? Either way, you have grounds to fight this easily - the policy as it stands (as it is where I am) is an example if indirect discrimination; they are expecting a disabled person to meet the same standards as a 'healthy' person, even though it is very unlikely that they will manage this.

Are you in private or public sector employment? I suppose I'm lucky with our Occy Health, as they seem to be biased a little more in the employee's favour! Or at least, the doctor is - the nurse I saw there when my anxiety and depression was at its peak was not only unsympathetic and a know-all, but was adament that work had nothing to do with it, even though it was later diagnosed by a psychologist as the major contributing factor!

Hope the union can be of assistance - you shouldn't have to fight, but we're all behind you when you do! xx

I work for local government Sooty and the HR advisers are more ruthless than some in private sector. Managers get away with murder cos they are all in cahoots. My office business manager said she had never heard of them using sickness as an excuse to get rid of people - well we know different.they are breaking the law but my union rep says most people when they get fired are so exhausted that they don't fight. I would take them to the cleaners! I will wrap myself in bandages, climb the roof and invite the press if that's what it takes to change their policy (course then I'd probably get arrested lol)

SootyB in reply to stormwytch

Good for you! :) I'm in public sector, too (NHS), and our HR staff are far from the 'unbiased representatives' that they are supposed to be. If my manager brings HR, I bring my union rep, no matter what the subject matter is supposed to be. I wouldn't trust HR at my place as far as I could throw them ... and with fibro, I doubt I could lift them!

The business manager is quite right, of course - they don't sickness as an excuse to get rid of people. They use poor performance (due to sickness), or poor attendance (due to sickness), or inability to perform all required tasks (due to sickness) - all perfectly above board!

You fight for as long as you can, and get the union to fight for you when you're resting for the next bout. xx

Hi Storm, would they be able to produce the evidence of having given you reasonable adjustment for your disability? If not - Employment Tribunal hear your calls and the pay out is unlimited. Check out the employer guidance on the Equalities commission website. equalityhumanrights.com/adv... - that may help - HR are not always well versed in equalities - I am an equalities specialist and see many errors by HR staff. Good Luck.

Thanks Suzy and the only reasonable adjustments have been a chair and a keyboard. They won't change my trigger points despite the DDA guidelines. We don't have disability leave but I know that there is a campaign for this. Never got to any disabled members groups cos I work out of town and LM won't let me attend.

I will give this number a call when I'm ready to go back to work thanks

Storm x

Hi stormwytch

I know your blog raises some serious issues, & I wish you so much luck with it all .........but.......I can't help but smile at the picture in my mind of you on a roof wrapped up like a mummie, people will think Halloween has come early!

Gentle hugs xx

I'm halfway there with this padding round my throat. I told my friend and she said don't you dare go climbing on roofs when you've just injured yourself!

On a serious note, I spoke to my union rep and he said its highly likely they will move me to stage 2 in the attendance management programme. He said he will support me if I sue for discrimination as they are getting away with treating people appallingly despite their claim of "treating people fairly" No one else has done this because they are usually do exhausted by the time they leave. I WILL because it's about time someone put a stop to them! Oh look Im ranting again... Happy thoughts, happy thoughts lol !

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