I am erelly paying now for my diy yesterday but i knew i would i should not be so stubborn but sometimesit is nice to challenge yourself to see how much you can do when you have to

i think i will be worse tommoerrow but i am going to go lay on my bed in a bed and just lay there all quiet and peaceful (lets seeifthat happens lol) best laid plans and all that

love to you all diddle x

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  • You could share your doggies cake lol with a lovely cuppa hope you feel better soon says me who can be just as stubborn!! we are fibromites n we will not give up lol xxxx

  • We all knew it!

    Still, you're right. We do have to challenge ourselves every now and then. I have to to somehow check "does it really get as bad as I think I recall?" It does.

    I went around a second hand furniture shop and supermarket yesterday, after I had already caught up at home and been to Post Office. Had no sleep last night and been disturbed all day today. Like a zombie now. But it was so lovely to get out and choose lots of nice food. If only I had the energy to make all the nice meals I thought of while shopping ha

  • Ah Diddle, I was doing so well at talking myself out of redecorating the bathroom, I'm shamed now and will have to get in there, this week-end;)) Good luck with the resting, how old is your dog? My black/white lab was 12 in May, he still thinks he's a puppy though!

  • bless you sorry lol did not mean to make you feel bad lol but i did feel good when i had done it mentally that is but i am paying big time

    my doggy was 6 yestreday bless his bones love diddle x

  • i thought u wud suffer bles u xx

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