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Changing diet

Morning everyone,hope your not suffering to bad,I've had 3 awful weeks of being ill.I thought that was it.I've been reading up on diet changes to do with Fibro and as I've tried everything else I thought I'd give it a go,I've changed my milk to Lactose free and am on brown sugar,been eating special k for breakfast which I don't normally do as morning time is so bad and this morning woke up quite lively and feeling weightless for me.I'm just wondering if change of food is helping or if I'm just getting over the flu,guess I'll find out sooner or later but fingers crossed as I've been so rough and fed up of falling asleep for the whole afternoon.

Big hugs to all xxxx

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hi ya i think what you eat does make a huge diff im not doing too good at the mo with food but im trying to overcome anemia so thats why im so exhausted right now but i have changed my diet and im feeling a little better for it so far and i have soya milk on my cereal which i enjoy and tofu is quite nice too with red peppers and onion made as a stir fry and also nice cold too with a drop of salad cream lol good luck with your new change and i hope you are feeling much better soon hun xxx


Good for you! I've been making changes to my diet for years now, starting off with going strictly diary free, then wheat free, and then this spring, grain free. I am noticing changes, I don't hurt as much and I've had a definate reaction reintroducing oats, sad for me because I love porridge and flapjacks!

I feel I suffer with build up, I find something that I'm happy with and overdo it, I'm sure I need to balance things more.

I'm also cutting back on sugar, the most difficult thing with my sweet tooth, but I'm experimenting with agave syrup.

I'm a big fan of honey and maple syrup already, but I need to remember to balance things!

Like Harvey12 I use soya and make my own soya milk and tofu now, it's amazing what you can do with them.

My feeling better, if not totally well, has coincided with the spring arriving, (remember that?!), and after years without a working boiler, we now have a new one so can use the bath again and will have heating thiss winter, such luxury!

So I can't say for definate that the diet changes are the only help, but I'd say it's certainly worth sticking to in my case. The only thing I've not improved is my nails which continue to split and peel from the cuticle.

Good luck!


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