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I would just like to say don't put up with a useless g. p , I have had fibro and other health issues for 15 years , I put up with a arrogant , rude, unhelpful lady g. P for years

Til I went to her for help with my esa and she said everyone can work unless they are in a coma and dead she more or less told me I was a skiver

I was beside myself , my partner bought me home and I couldn't stop crying , I felt useless , I felt suicidal, she made me feel this way

I decided to see if I could see a different g. P at the same group

Practice ( there are four surgeries they run so I decided to see if I could find one in the practice in my village)

I found a male g. P in his mid thirties and he was extremely nice and caring, I have been under his care for about 4 years and it was the best thing I ever did

So don't put up with bad treatment as when you walk though the door for the 10 mins they get about £78 !!!

And ask yourself this, if you took say your car/ or your mobility scooter to a garage and they did substandard work on it , you would take it back or refuse to pay & go elsewhere

So the same is for , if they don' t help GO ELSEWHERE!!!

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Well done to you for having the courage to change as it can be easy to carry on with the same GP. Even though he is nice I just do not have the same rapport with the GP who has taken over from my other one who has now retired but I am hanging on in there as I want to move into a bungalow so will probably be moving out of his catchment area in any case. I can;t believe the attitude of your old GP. I know it seems horrible but you do wish people like that could just walk in our shoes for a week, if they did I think they would be much more understanding.x


Well said, some gps will tell you that work is what you need. I would like them to have Fibro for one week & see how they would cope.

Good for you for sticking up for yourself.

Hugs, Wendy x


Hear, Hear!!!!


that awful dr is in the wrong job and should not be allowed to do the job.she is incompetent.makes me so mad xxx


Well done!



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