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there are hundreds of sheep in yorkshire and last night(plus hundreds of previous night ) i have counted each and every one but still haven't got off to sleep,! my boyfriend says a lump hammer may do the trick!! i know i laugh about it but i also cry a lot about it ,in the distance from our bedroom i can hear a church clock chime every hour,well last night in particular i heard it chime every hour, i am up and dressed now courtesy of my boyfriend,and i am absolutely cream crackered, i feel like i have been out through our paper shredder after being picked up off the road after a truck hit me , maybe my partner is right ,maybe a lump hammer to the head tonight may be my only option, ...STOP THE WORLD SPINNING I WANT TO GET OFF...

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The worst thing you can do is count sheep they too damn noisy ..... feel better soon get some lie down rest if u can. Petal


i am the same i am up all night warching crap tv and get to sleep about 5 in morn , i am so so tired zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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