Fibro & hammer toes

I just read some information this week stating that many people with FMS have feet problems, such as hammer toes. I was telling someone else who has FMS about it & he has hammer toes. So I'm curious to know if very many people have hammer toes as well.

This could be an interesting connection. Could it mean that we were born with FMS & hammer toes, but the FMS didn't manifest itself until we reached our teens or adulthood? Just a thought.

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  • Hi, before I was diagnosed with fibro my thought I had charcot-Marie-tooth disease as I have a too high arch and it can cause hammer toe. Which m second toe does consistently bend and the 3rd,4th and little toe all curl under.

    Very interesting

  • Interesting - I'm not sure what hammer toe is but one of my feet has 2 toes with dactylitis- they swell like sausages & are v painful). It all coincides with the FM.

  • I have very high arches ,and my small toes bends inwards,which gives it the appearance of a hammer,or maybe it is a hammer toe.never herd that it can be connected to fibro.

  • I too suffer with very painful feet and my big toes feels like gout.It stops me from driving and walking is absolute agony.x

  • I get this as well it started around ten years ago and very had headaches maybe this was the start of my fibro?

  • Hi I have hammer toes but I think mines are due to wearing unsuitable footwear in my younger days and nothing to do with my fibro. Will be interesting to see how many fibromites also have hammer toes though. 😀

  • I have recently had a mid foot section operation, and a metal plate put in it for osteoaarthritis. I have Fibro also, now my toes look like fat sausages, I have a high arch too. So debilitating.

  • Yes I have hammer toes on both feet. The third toe or middle ones. They can be quite awkward to cut the toe nails and if they get a bit too long they get very painful. It's like walking on the actual nail. I've had them as long as I can remember. My fibro was diagnosed in adult life so you may have a point.

    Take care.


  • I have hammer toes and high arch. All very interesting. My feet are painful and they burn on the soles. Not good

  • Shoes that work with orthotics - a nightmare! Thank you so much for mentioning the shop in Stratford. It looks really good.

  • I wear MBTs which I find help my feet and reduce hip and knee pain. Don't know if it's just me.

  • I too have hammer toes, as does my sister. We both suffer with Fibro. Whilst had hammer toes for a very long time, they are getting worse as I get older. Looking at how many people have replied with the same problem, maybe there is a connection. I also wonder whether it is genetic condition, as both me and my sister have it, and looking back we think our mum had it too, although it wasn't diagnosed as that, its just the symptoms we are having we recall our mum having the same.

  • I also have high arches and (I think) hammer toes. I also have a lot of pain in my left big toe and it has moved to the left causing a bunion. I now have orthotics to correct that and help me walk without pain...not that I can walk that far anyway. It is interesting how many of us seem to have feet problems...

  • I have hammer toes on both feet. I have also had planter faciaitis in both feet, which after a while caused me to develop bursors in the hips. I have had to learn to walk differently and have so far had one nail removed permanently as was walking on the nail. I always know when my bad walking slips back as my feet and hips get worse then normal.

  • yes I have hammer toes on both feet, one side is worse than the other. what if anything is there or do you do to help with the pain

  • Hi , i have fibro and two hammer toes , one on each foot next to little toe and they hurt a lot , I also have a very high instep . I also have periphery neuropathy which is very painful and my big toe hurts and I suffer from burning feet after I have walked for a little . My goodness when it's written down it don't look to good . Hope that helps x

  • All my toes have been curled under since age 2, also have high instep and burning on soles. So strange

  • I have both along with very high arch.

  • I have Hamerton toes and they are painful.I also have fibromyalgia.

  • I have fibro and very high arches and burning soles on both feet and osteoarthritis in all my toes. I dont know what hammer toe is but my second toes on both feet arebending towards my third toes and sometimes I can feel them pulling towards the third toes. It is a very strange sensation. My big toes hurt most of the time.

  • my first problem that led to fibro diagnosis was a lipoma on each outer ankle. turned out to be a "side"issue but finally also diagnosed with fibro. since then have had terrible pain in both feet. had one lipoma removed in hopes pain would go away but no, pain worse with that foot than the other one now. sometimes think the pain with feet is worse than the bulging discs in neck and lower back. i use lidoderm patches to help with foot pain but the patches don't stay on well. i also have bunions which refuse to have removed plus have had my two large toenails partially removed twice. have we found some odd connection? anyone heard fibro connected to feet problems in medical discussions about fibro? anything that helps the foot/ankle/toes pain?

  • Have bunion and curly toes that point down, big toes point up so nails always end up damaging shoes. Always preferred to be barefoot since young child. Dont know what hammer toe is but rheumatologist looked at my "odd feet" first before diagnosis was made, seem to think them relevant . Have insoles made by hospital. Love pavers shoes for comfort.

  • I also recommend Pavers for comfortable footwear.

  • That is a very interesting thought? Thanks for sharing.

  • I have had fibro for years and I never made the connection, but I have hammer toes.

  • Yes I too suffer with feet had bunnion removed and have hammer toes plus painful feet I also have fibromyalgia

  • Double jointed toes and very high insteps! My father has had an op on his toes and I'm the same!...As is another friend on here!....she was diagnosed with Charcot mari desease initially!.... How bizzare...♥♥

  • Thank you for replying everyone. Hammer toes & feet problems do indeed seem to be a common thing for those of us with Fibro.

  • I was diagnosed not long ago with fybromialgia and last week was told I also have hammer toe

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