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One needs to walk on glass

With feet that are bare

Watch people pass

Knowing they don't care

One needs to drift and fall

With nothing to grasp

Reaching for nothing at all

On which to clasp

One needs to feel total rejection

Hatred from the human race

Resent and refuse all affection

To look death in the face

Before one begins to realise

You are alone as you wish to be

It is only in your eyes

The picture you are not free

One needs to look toward the light

To see without and not within

And notice others in their plight

Before healing can begin

7 Replies

wow did you write this definately brings some meaning to me x


indeed. walk a mile in someone else's shoes before judging them. always seek to help rather than take. try and find something positive in each day, no matter how small. each day is another chance to parcel out those 10 spoons in a better way!


Yep I write these odd things all the time. But thank you. Petal


Hi What a good poem and so true. Look forward to your poems thanks soft hugs xx


Thank your input humbles me petal


that was lovely has a lot of true meaning to us fellow suffers x will look forward to reading more xx :) xx


Truly beautiful words. Thought provoking. Thank you! xx


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