FibroAction needs your support with Thunderclap !

FibroAction needs your support with Thunderclap !

Let's Thunderclap it !

If we can reach 100 votes by 12th May 2014, 11.30pm we could increase the social reach of the awareness campaign up to 85,000!

Living with Fibro? Me too !

We all know that lack of awareness is still causing some issues around recognising the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pain control.

FibroAction are working hard to raise much needed awareness. Don't miss your chance to support us and get the message about Fibro heard by as many as possible this International Awareness Day - 12th May 2014.

One Vote, One Voice, but together we are stronger than you think !

#letsdoit #supportfibroaction #fibroawarenessday

Please support the campaign, let's do it !

Emma Jefferies :)

FibroAction Administrator

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  • Done and dusted, thank you Emma :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank You Foggy, hoping we can reach 100 and get the awareness out there ! Fingers Crossed :)

  • Also done sue

  • Thank You Sue :) Appreciate the support :)

  • Um, not sure it worked or how to check. There were some very odd questions.

  • I can tell you that you have Paul Thank You. See the page and see recent supporters . Thank You :)

  • Not sure if ive done it or not x

  • Hello Chelle, yes Thank You you're there. Follow us on Twitter to see all supporters mentions ! :)

  • Hi Emma, I tried to support, but I'm not on the groups there. This is the only social site I belong to I'm afraid, Julie.

  • No worries Julie, the message of support is much appreciated too :)

  • 15 votes so far = 7,344 social reach so far ... if we make our 100 Thunderclap will Thunderclap it around just after Awareness day ! Let's spread the awareness far and wide ! :)

  • Hi Mdaisy

    I think I have done it? really not sure what I was doing with it? I ended up making a tweet on twitter. Weird!

    Thank you

    Ken x

  • You've done it Thank You Ken :) appreciate all the support. It will be great to reach 100 :)

  • Done :-)

  • Thank You Jayjay57 - The votes are going up slowly ! One Vote, One Voice but stronger together !

  • Will do!!!!

  • Thank You Gins :)

  • What a palaver :P

    Done and dusted..................... twitteree twoo

    .................. now have twitter account :o

    Thanks Emma :)

  • Woah... I can Tweet you now.... must welcome you ! Thanks for the vote ... we may get the Thunderclap yet !

  • As long as we're not doing the birdie dance tweet tweet away LOLOL

    There's an image :D

  • Done :-)

  • Thank You Jopixy, much appreciated :)

  • 44 Votes so far = 14,277 social reach ..... need 100 votes for one momentous Thunderclap ! Let's spread awareness and our message about Fibro, let's make a difference!

  • Yep!! Just done it....I think!!!! XX

  • Yes you have I see you ..... 47 and rising. This rate we'll go over 100 votes and get more awareness on Thunderclap day ! Thank You

  • Oh thank goodness for that!! Every little they say!! I really do hope that you get loads and loads and loads to the nth degree for support on this. I think that any way Fibro can be brought to the attention of anybody is a giant leap forward. Good luck!!! XXX

  • 54!!!!, overwhelmed by the support ! over halfway and still climbing - let's do it .... cannot wait for the Thunderclap as it sends a message when we reach target on Awareness Day in one big momentous awareness campaign. Thank You to those who've voted so far...your going to be part of it!

  • I don't have a Facebook account, but know a few people who do so got them to do it for me

  • Just a quick note to say daughter has tweeted the hash tag & the date of the awareness day. Julie x

  • Great Thank You she could support the campaign with Twitter for you Julie if she wants to - she need not tweet her support if she doesn't want to :)

  • done :) xx

  • Thank You Bluebell ! appreciate the support ;)

  • Well..........haven't we done well so far 68 votes with 17, 558 people social reach for the campaign! Thank You to all who've supported and please keep spreading the word so Thunderclap will spread our message!

    Thank You in advance :)

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hello All,

    72 votes folks! , another 28 and we secured a momentous Thunderclap around International Awareness Day. Please support our campaign with either Twitter or Facebook, we really do appreciate the support

    Emma :)

  • I've just done it on FB and Twitter :) Anything to help raise awareness!

  • Thank You so much Samfa1984, appreciate the support :)

  • 94 votes .......6 more and we've reached target! A definite Thunderclap ! After this the more votes on top we get will spread social reach further. Let's change the future of Fibro together!

    Please keep spreading the campaign !

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • done

  • I would like to vote for the campaign but I can't see how. I clicked on the link thunderclap but I can't see where to click to vote

  • Hello Lucia12,

    If you click on either Facebook or Twitter you vote using these accounts so on the Thunderclap day one message is sent out to all who have signed up stimutaneously as one big Thunderclap it

    Hope this helps & Thank You in Advance

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • done - think I did it right......

  • Yes, you've done it right. Thank You much appreciated :)

  • Votes are going UP & UP , hear our voices this Int Awareness Day!

    168 = 71,041 social reach ! FAB work everyone, please keep em' coming!

    Look out for other Thunderclaps about Awareness Day you may like to support too .......

    Emma :)

  • I hope I got it right

  • Hi all

    173 and 71,742 social reach with a month to go and still climbing. Great work everyone.

  • Done x

  • Thank You - Now 197 votes with 84,665 social reach ! 1 week to go, let's send it out on social media and get many more votes......hear our voices via Thunderclap !!

  • All done my pleasure.:))

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