Been a good girl daughter amazed :-)

Well my bathroom needs painting in a mess bought paint 3 years ago when I moved in turquoise . Well don't like colour anymore so now have linen colour or cream to me , :-) any way said I was going to one small fiddllie bit by tiles and daughter looked and yes I heard that before ,she thought she was in for a fight with me , instead I I did the bit I new she would have trouble with started to flag ,turned to her and just said see I do keep my word am I am listening to my body I off for a cup of tea ,I will see you when you finish , you should see the look of shock on her face it's brilliant .:-) just had to share i can now say I helped I am not upset or frustrated I am just excepting and learning I have painted a kitchen in 2 hours in the past and looked after a toddler do I care no it's her rent LOL x Chris

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  • Hehehe. Good for you. The new normal isn't necessarily so bad, is it? :)

  • No I am still smiling from the total look of shock on her face , The only problem so far has been popped back up stairs and there was paint all round the window which was brown wood frame so a very gently asked her to clean it off she took it very well, she can't quite believe the new me I am very hands on at least I was :-)

  • Way to go Chris- it is hard though :)


  • Yes I know I am joking about it but yes your right it is very hard ,it's letting go another bit of me , my gran used to just sit there and instruct my brother and me as to what she wanted us to do as children she would come down she would sit in her chair in kitchen and start with her distelgeiacs (can't spell but reads as is spelt ) and tea ,I think she had fibro now, but we just thought she was lazy , in hind sight , we were only little under 11. Good life lessons my cleaning skills are excellent my daughter says I can walk in a room and see what needs doing in one quick glance she says I am scary , on a lighter note she's doing a good job and has just said if I behave myself and leave her alone to do it she will work her way round my house with the pain brush this summer she is enjoying herself and I have to admit there's more on the walls this time .i think if I keep the roller away from her I think she has Sussed it x

  • Now that's a good strategy how to get someone else to do it :P

  • It is isn't it :-)

  • Hi Shadows-walker

    That sounds like a really good strategy to me! And if it works for you, stick with it!

    Take care and well done!

    Ken x

  • Well it seems to have worked ,she is still smiling , I was going to make her. Stir fry , got told sit ,I have prept it ready for when she came down after she told me to go away when she started to tidy up , in the bathroom ,now I have been chased out of the kitchen , I want to no what has happened to my daughter , I new she was good but I seem to have a wonderful angel home I can recommend Aston uni they seem to have made her practical as well as ,academically clever I think I am blessed :-) xx

  • That is really sweet! My kids treat me like a silly old man, but they love me! It is always a case of dad, don't do that, or dad, sit down before you fall down!

    Take care

    Ken x

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