Describe Your Ideal Day and Night!

Describe Your Ideal Day and Night!

Imagine you don't have Fibromyalgia and all our other delightful conditions, imagine the scene - you have a beautiful sunny day, no money worries, no ESA nightmares, life is good etc. How would you spend your day and evening through to night?!

You can post as many times as you like in case you have lots of different ideas! Don't worry about waffling on either, make your dream day and night as lengthy as you like, it's always lovely to read and takes our minds off reality too which has to be a good thing. :)

How would you start your day from waking up to eventually falling asleep - now girls don't get too carried away thinking about Mr Christian Grey (he of Fifty Shades of Grey fame!), we don't want to shock our 'calmer' members too much lol! ;) :P

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  • I would wake up to the joy of knowing Paul and i were getting married that day and i would be getting done up all beautiful with My daughter as my chief and only bridesmaid. St Brides Castle would be bathed in sunshine and all our family would be thier waiting for us. i would be walking to the rest of my future. I would become Mrs Weatherall Drink alcohol and dance the night away....... wait for it...... then have mind blowing tantric kinky loving sex lol :P


    Rachie xx

  • Me thinks Mr Christian Grey would approve! ;) :P lol! Sounds wonderful Rachie!

  • I have yet to read the books, i fear they may be to tame for me lmao ;P .

  • ; P

  • grrr can't remember how to get my smiley's :)

  • oh i get that one but not the cheeky winky stick your tongue out one no. i hate you brain........ now i'n arguing with myself on a forum ok need new meds !!!!!!!

  • Haha! That made me giggle lol! ;)

  • cheeky sticky out tongue one = : and a capital P


    Rachie you're doing just fine! I love your humour! :)

  • Thabk you Liberty must practice


  • oh froggy farts

    = : P

  • Last time


  • YEAH !!!!! and the crowed goes wild lol

  • Woo no illnesses.... I would wake up refreshed and leap out of bed....1st sign off all the websites as there would be nobody here cos none of us would need them. I would walk and visit my mum, I would choose my day to be a sunny day so I could attck the garden.. I love gardening... I would meet my husband from work and we would walk home along the cooking as a family we would go and eat out cos I wouldn't have ibs so I could eat what I like and not have too look for the toilets. As i would be med free I would have a bottle of wine. Then I would leap into bed with my husband.... No creaking and being helped into bed then later I would sleep a deep refreshing sleep and relax into the bed as I remember doing as a teenager.... A really simple day but pain free I don't ask for much to make me happy

    VG x

  • Sounds like pure bliss to me VG! ;) :)

  • likes this ;-) x

  • 1) I would walk the Preseli mountains and reach the highest peak ( we have failed it so many times.

    2) Get up Grab our bags and fly off to Africa for the holiday of a lifetime walking with Lions with Paul and Phoebe.

    3) Get a job and contribute to our family and join a pansion scheme (boreing i know but the future scare me)

    4) Travell the world

  • Very responsible too! :) Sounds great! :)

  • Just one day?

    I'd wake up to breakfast in bed at Hoar Cross Hall for a day of total pampering and luxuriating.

    I'd go in the pool and jaccuzi, have an archery lesson, go in the total relaxation tank for an hour, have a massage and facial, have a manicure and pedicure and get my hair done. I'd have roast beef and cauliflower cheese for lunch followed by the scrummiest coffee and walnut cake ever.

    Then in the evening I'd be chauffer driven to front row on an Osmonds concert, be invited back stage in the interval, have Jay sing "Thats my girl" to me and Merrill sing "Julie" and be chauffer driven home and finally fall alseep in my own bed that night a very happy woman.

    Sorry I don't mention my kids or BF .... but this is MY fantasy day not theirs lol

    ((((( gentle hugs )))))

    Julie xx

  • Haha Julie, no BF or kids, sounds like perfect Heaven for one day! I'd miss mine after that, but for one day it would be wonderful just to think of ourselves wouldn't it! No Mr Christian Grey for Julie after being serenaded! Sounds pretty good to me too! :) :P

  • Take my kids and the dogs to the beach and run about with the ball and frisbee, go climbing on the rocks. Cook a dinner all by myself for my family including pudding :)

    Then to the woods to climb a few trees.

    Go to the pictures and watch a movie then then a quick drink in a bar before coming home to go to bed and sleep all the way through the night :D

  • Oh my, that sounds so good too Coco! I used to love climbing trees with my three children when they were small. Rock climbing and beach combing we used to do too! We would play together for hours wading through rock pools looking for shrimps and crabs! Great fun!

    Sleeping all the night through, now that would be a miracle and so welcome! :) :D

  • Sounds great to me :)

  • i would get up early and board the minibus we had booked to go on holiday to Ibiza with my wonderful hubby , daughter son in law and 3 grandgirls as well as my son daughter in law and grandson and if at all possible my beautiful Mum in law . that is my idea of a heavenly day as my family are my life x

  • That sounds wonderful Iris, not too grand just precious family time, you can't beat it can you. :)

  • so very true Liberty, are you going to tell us about your day please ? x

  • Yes Liberty you haven't, you must share !!? x

  • lol! ok here we go -

    I don't think I can top Rachie's lol, so exciting and exhausting lol! :P ;)

    Firstly I would wake up to hubby serving me a continental breakfast on a beautifully set out tray - it would then be breakfast in bed for both of us. Normally I have to stagger out in the morning aching from head to foot, so both of us having a lie-in and with our favourite brekky would be heaven. Brekky would be fresh fruit - grapefruit, melon, pineapple and sweet cherries, Greek natural yoghurt to have with the fresh fruit, croissants with butter and fresh strawberry and apricot jams, honey and chocolate spread. Freshly squeezed orange juice and a huge pot of tea - perfect start to the day!

    Then after showering and lazing around in warm soft bathrobes, we would get dressed and go for a lovely long walk along the seashore with our two dogs. After stopping off at a lovely local pub for a roast beef lunch with all the trimmings washed down with cold sparkling white wine, we'd head back home. Our eldest son and his fiancee, youngest son and my mum would be there for quality family time, they are all so precious to both of us - hubby never saw his dad as he abandoned him and his mum when he was a baby. His mum passed away when he was 17, so my mum took him under her wing and thinks of him as a son.

    Once we'd spent a few hours with our family with lots of cups of tea and home made cakes, we would chillax for a while, maybe have a power nap and then feel refreshed and raring to go again. We'd get dolled up in our best glad rags and go out for a lovely meal maybe the best steak with all the mixed grill trimmings, we'd be serenaded and then head out for a West End show. I've never been to see a show in the West End and I've always wanted to see one, so it would be very exciting for me. Hubby would love it too, we tend to like the same things which makes life easier. Perhaps the show would be Les Miserables as I really love it and saw it at a local theatre. I love the song "I dreamed a dream", makes me have goosebumps, so full of emotion.

    After the show it's bubble bath time and then retiring together after a happy chillaxing day, closing the door quietly for some quality time together with maybe a bottle of vintage champagne, not the cheap stuff that tastes awful, the really expensive gorgeous tasting champers! Oh and strawberries and chocolate - all those things and my hubby, what more could I possibly ask for. Curtains closing now folks, you will have to imagine the rest or ask Rachie lol! ;) :P

  • this ws a good link Liberty enjoyed reading it very much now my Ideal day (ponders) I would leap out of bed -run downstairs - (having already dressed) out in my sports car to join friends at the local swimming pool , oh a few lengths later Expresso. Then some serrious flirting with this gorgeous guy I know. Home to garden that would be Bliss to bend and carry to plant and move things. Out for a Cream tea (in this super ideal world it would not sit on my hips) I would then play with all the gorgeous grand children racing around the them bed time stories then I would just relax with no pain and probably fall asleep exhausted.

    Sounds fun I am tired now xgins :)

  • I did not say how wonderful to sleep through the night no dreams except good ones, no pains just rest nd wake at 7 not 4 bliss Hey ho xgins

  • that sounds wonderful Liberty lots of lovely delicious food all very healthy of course , well apart from the cake but thats a 'balanced' diet ' . yours sounds lovely too Gins i used to do the garden when the children were young but my hubby does it all now,he loves being out in the garden so no big deal for him x

  • ohhh all very good ! :-) Renew our wedding vows in a beautiful villa with a pool and a beach just yonder that we could see from where we sit.

    hmmm empty at moment with just a pool in outside my villa yes 'my dream villa' with a Trampoline across from the pool so i could jump off into the pool yipeeee with my daughter since i am the only child in the house :-/

    A foam filled large Bouncy slide, racing the kids up and down somersaulting.

    running with my friends and jumping in the pool together.

    a lovely cocktail to refresh after lots of bouncing and i would say in more ways than one , the pool, the trampoline, the villa in every room hahaha oohps rosey cheeks.

    boing boing boing on the bed jumping up and down as i so full of energy,

    get ready to go out all glammed up along the moonlit beach all restaurants on front, pick one go sit enjoy a steak, chips n peas with a large Champagne Sangria, sit on the beach build sand castles putting candles on top and just watching the sea.

    Back to villa & see how many sessions could manage lol ;-D blimey am worn out now so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • I know exactly how I would spend my day, listening to lots of heavy rocka and doing some serious head banging. And my night would be spent in the lounge with hubby and daughter watching tv. And then a full nights sleep xxxxx

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