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please p;ease don't leave

please p;ease don't leave

i have read with a deep sense of sadness that some people are going to leave or thinking of it. please remember weare a family and famlies do have fall out but it doesnt take away the genuine love running through.

everyone on here is a valueable link in a chain of love that encompasses us all when we need it and chains need all theIr links or the just become weal and break

come on guys you having a bad day but really you do know how much we loves you..




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To be honest petal I'm also thinking of leaving . I think it's human nature to defend friends and so yesterday that's what I felt I did, however since then I have felt in some way responsible for upsetting a few members.

I have so much stress in my life offline and came here for support, just lately I've felt I'm no longer getting that from here.

At the moment I'm just thinking about it , I've made some really good friends here , but they are also now friends on FB or by phone.

I think it's all very sad .


Hi Helen, I've responded properly on Message. In no way have you done anything wrong. I hope you stick around.


I'm suffering quite badly with depression at the moment , it may be making me over sensitive, the last thing I want to do is upset anyone . I'm going to stay on the group but probably have a break from posting for a couple of days and then see how I feel.


Helen dont go you are a lovely person .please we need you? please.x


Thanks Sammy xx


Thanks Chris.



whats happening ? Why are people leaving . XXX


thats wot i am trying to work out i know i am in fibro fog but ???????? who wasupset by whom saying what i hope my sense of humour wasntto vblame here petal


i have really cherished the support given on here, and made new friends etc, i dont want to leave or want anybody else to leave, i am muddled too,:(


Hi i must be in fibro fog as well as i think i've missed something as i don't no what anyone is on about. I dont blogg very much but do answer some and have a good laugh at some which lifts my mood no end if feeling low. I'm not as bad as a lot of you and realy admire those who are struggling and have children. god knows how you manage with young kids. Mine are grown up and both boys have made us grandperants we have 2 little grandaughters. All i know is that i would like you all to stay as i feel i'm just getting to know you all and some are realy funny even if they don't realise it. best wishes to you all and soft soft hugs. NO ONE MUST LEAVE GRANDMA HAS SPOKEN OK. XXXXX


Hi Helen,

also think i'm missing something hun.

i know certain recent events and one silly person caused upset to a lot, but don't take that persons vitriole personally.

Our little band of Fibros surely cherish the support and words you have given them.

i know what you say about your personal life, take a rest, grow strong, regroup come back...stay a while, don't go.

so many have made new friends on here and for myself a couple on Fb, which i treasure dearly.

do what you can when you're ready,

thoughts and hugs

jan h xxx


Hi fadedblossom,

so true. i think certain recent events have caused a little break up here sadly. We maybe need to step back gather ourselves and get our happy little band focused again. This is such a lovely warm caring site and i for one really feel at home and very happy here.

i know truly cherish the new friends i've made.

take care

Jan h xx


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