do u have trouble with anesthetics

I havetrouble with all aneathetics . i had to have all my teeth our and half of it was done with outl ocal cos it doesnt work for long. and they had refused general one. then i had two cataract ops and both times injection and drops wore off in the middle of ops . specalist was ready second time around with continual drops. the local for my sinal tap did not work at all ouch ouch ouch is this because of meds I take,,, iam on tradmadol pregabalin beta betas hypo tension drugs warfrin and loads of strong paracetamol...... petal

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  • I dont i seem to get too much, but my friend who has fibro and ms does. She has always had problems with it wearing off too soon and needed it topped up. She hates it that they dont put it in her notes so she constantly has to keep on reminding them. She woke up from her cesaren when they were stitching her up. Its a good job they had nearly finished but she was still scared.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Thankfully I don't, last op was to sew a radioactive plaque onto my left eye!! I've had a c-section hysterectomy, I don't even remember being told to count, I was out that quick! My two section births were epidural, the second one was unexpectedly complicated, chord was wrapped twice and tight around my son's neck, and I was uncomfortable, but perhaps that was more a stress thing.

    My heart goes out to you all, I can't begin to imagine what this symptom causes!


  • Hi, I thought it was just me that had this problem! Locals do not work on me for long. For a while my dentist couldn't understand. However, he's been a very understanding chap once I was diagnosed. Since it was explained I have Fibro he does his utmost to make any treatment as pain free as possible (it's now on my notes). He always injects the local very slowly, this helps loads and then he works as fast as possible. Tell your dentist your problem. Also I had to have an epidural for my back pain and I was given meds to help me relax while they did the procedure (got to say though that in the end it didn't make any difference to my back!). You must remind people you have Fibro, they quite often don't have time to read your medical notes. Fibro is a more recognized condition and by informing all concerned when I need to have anything done I have found that they are far more gentle. It helps with the stress and reduces the pain levels. :)

  • Hi I've had a problem with locals not working for years, dentist just thought I was being a baby and my epidural wore of several times in my c section. Its only since I found out I had fibro that anyone believes me when I say "I can feel that!"

  • i told the dentist and he did not believe me until he had to pull two back teeth out while my mouth was live i told him to go ahead because i knew i would not have the courage to go back again it was like the middle ages i was gripping the chair very very very hard should have held his family jewels perhaps so he could feel some of the pain i was feeling lol.. the eye man did not believe me until i said i cansee a light and then yelled in pain he moved very quickly to sort it .... sometimes it helps to know you are not the only one.. petal

  • Are you hypermobile or could you be? A significant proportion of people with Hypermobility Syndrome (think Prof Grahame says it's 60% but can't remember for sure) has this issue that local anaesthetics are not properly effective. Hypermobility is considered to be a risk factor for developing Fibro so they commonly occur together.

    I have this issue and have always needed stronger doses of local anaesthetic that were either still not completely effective or wore off quickly. My spinal anaesthetic for my Caesarean did work though - which makes sense as Hypermobility is related to genetic differences affecting connective tissues and a Spinal avoids connective tissues. Do remember that Spinals don't always work anyway though.

  • have no idea what hypermobile is and will look it up. petal

  • Yeah i do and its not nice i felt my stitches with 1st child 23 yrs ago now, dentists etc take a few goes before helps!

    I had a morphine drip with my nerve problem and lasted minutes i was in agony again. Tramadol and pregabalin dont wrk for me so i on co-dydromol. Codeine does not help with pregabalin either and i like codeine i take the highest dose.

    The only think i like is entinox which brings great relief but that has short effect too but its good when severly suffering!!

    I am getting rougher at moment and taking more lyrica (pregabalin) but not sure any effect really.

    There is things on internet with certain medical problems that

    Ie like this link which is what i suffer from quite badly too

    Hypermobility Hope: HMS Research ...

    21 Apr 2009 – HMS and local anaesthesia ... We found that people with Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome are ... In particular people often complain of vascular problems of feeling ...

    I hope you find interesting help xxx hugs

  • Ps and i have been told many times i have a high tolerance to pain as with some medical problems in past doctors in hospital have been amazed how i coped xx

  • I have also been told I have high tolerance to pain I think its via I have had so much intense pain that pain has to be really bad before I accept as pain had a heart prob and kept tellingg ambulance I was fine get rid of the Oxg etc ......

  • Information on Hypermobility Syndrome:

  • thankswillcheck petal

  • I have hyper mobility and fibro and have had probs with local anaesthetics not working properly. My consultant said hyper mobility sufferers feel 30 per cent more pain so that could have been why - I made sure my new dentist new!

    I am new to the site and a bit nervous about introducing myself but have enjoyed reading other posts, I am struggling with pain management at the moment so picking up some tips.

  • hi maggie i am fairly new but the people on here are great butterfly hugs petal

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