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Having had DLA higher mobility for about 14 years I was very apprehensive when I got the pip letter. I filled in all the forms myself and gathered evidence and am very relieved and surprised to have been awarded higher mobility and also standard care. So will be getting more than on DLA. Relieved we can keep our car. Iam 65 soon somit did me a favour as you cant get pip after 65 so might miss out on Mobility.

The assessor was a really nice lady and when I showed her photos of my aids she said dont worry I wouldnt disbelieve you.

I had letters from my cardiologist and orthopod and rheumatologist, detailing the diagnoses I had and on the forms I put down all the problems I have when at my worst ie I can only walk around indoors holding onto things, no further than 50 metres without pain, breathlessness or having to stop. When my back is in spasm I need help showering and dressing and cant cook

The decision maker wrote a report about my interview and in relation to my claims and said that they were expected due to my diagnoses and she therefore agreed my limitations were expected

Seems to me that having a diagnoses of something is a big key

So if you have any diagnostic reports or doctor or consultant letters, submit copies with your forms.

I doubt I would have got anything for fibromyalgia alone as it is difficult to quantify the effect it has on you, mine affects my hands, wrists feet, ribs etc. So if you are applying, highlight any other conditions that cause you pain or breathlessness, ie any arthritis diagnosed, asthma or heart problems.

I bought 2 cassette radio recorders from amazon, the assessor didnt mind at all and it was first time anyone had recorded interviews with her.

Anyway I am a so glad that is over for now until 2022 when I will be 70!!

Best of luck if you are in the process

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  • So pleased for you.

  • Pleased you have a good outcome xx

  • Really good news congratulations xx

  • Fantastic news I am so pleased for you. Went for my PIP assessment a couple of weeks back but not too optimistic. Both my old GP and the Pain Specialist has retired and my new GP doesn't know me and only has the scantiest of records as mine are still in transit sit so really only my meds.and my word. The DLa descriptors suited my condition much more but hopefully that won't be the case for others.

    Oh trying to help bungled any hope of the mobility as he got rather flustered and by that stage I was nearly fainting with the heat and pain and had literally lost the will to live. So glad that hopefully for the next 5 years you can relax.x

  • Oh thats unfortunate. I used my fibro diagnoses letter from 10 years ago, still valid really. Best of luck and you can appeal. X

  • So pleased for you. Nice to hear of someone succeeding. You can try and relax now and take care of yourself xx

  • Hi Icenae that's brilliant news, well done you, oh I bet its such a relief, I'm so pleased for you. Thanx very much for sharing,

    Sending u ❤

    Jan x

  • Its so nice to hear good news. well done. I think I will have similar problems as rosewine because I too had to find a new surgery when my GP retired and they could not recruit new gps so closed the surgery. My new gp surgery is awful and they definitely don't seem to want to get to know their patients and take so long to do anything Im not sure they will be much help when I get the change over form.

    So glad you don't have to worry about this anymore. gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Hi Icenae

    I am genuinely and sincerely delighted for you and I want to wish you all the best of luck, well done my friend!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Well done you, so pleased to read again about a positive experience and i am so pleased for your outcome. Having got through the process successfully i hope you can lend your positive support to the posters on here who are struggling. It is a daunting and difficult process and more than a little stressful for many people, encouragement from people like ourselves who have had the right outcome can help those who are struggling. Its good to know you had a reasonable assessor who listened, maybe that was lucky or maybe the tide is turning.

  • Well done.I am waiting for forms after transferring from DLA .You have given me faith in human nature. Hope I have lovely assessor too.What a relief for you.Enjoy your life

  • I am pleased to hear that someone was succesful., I didn't get mine after giving details of all my illnesses but I was told that they are not interested in your illnesses but are only interested in how they affect your daily living. I told them how my wife has to wash and bathe me and has to give me my daily injections but I got nothing at all so my car returns on 1st November. I have applied for a mandatory reconsideration and also my local MP has written to them on my behalf but neither of us has heard anything, (he is a Labour MP). They give you deadlines in which to return paperwork to them but they can take as long as they like

  • That's awful. Did you put down your walking distances with pain etc. The decision maker was obviously looking closely at my diagnoses and gauging if they agreed with my limitations. I.e. I have severe wear on my facet joints and bursitis in both hips. So she obviously expected me to have probs walking. Letters from consultants to gps are best evidence. I think It's really hard if you don't have it in black and white perhaps.

    Best of luck with your appeal.

  • I was awarded pip lower rate for care nothing for mobility. I got a phone call on Saturday morning telling me that I am not going to get esa anymore I got no points I have been told to ask for a mandatory reconsideration. But my problem now is I only get 55£ a week pip and no other income was told to apply for job seekers allowance have done that today to be told it will be at least two weeks before I get sorted and I may not get any money then.

    I am sick with worry feel so depressed and wonder why I stay alive is it worth it with all these problems and illnesses and disabilities what's the point of it.

    Sorry for my long rant but I am happy that you have been sorted out for the next few years.

    Gentle hugs and lot's of healing love to all. Karen xx

  • I am so sorry you are not getting what you need. Did you have help filling in the forms etc. I am surprised you got care but not mobility. How far did you say you can walk without pain.

    I really hope you can appeal successfully.

    Big hugs.

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