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please can anyone help

Hello everyone I wonder if you can help me about 5 years ago I was getting the higher rate of incapacity benefits and DLA as I have fibro.

I rang the benefit people in 2008 and as I had significant saving at that time I told them that I did not want to receive the benefit any more as I thought is was the right thing to do.

Since that time I have suffered from heart problems and had a knee replacement,these two factors have magnified my problems significantly over the last few months and unfortunately the saving we had are slowly running out .

I decided to re apply to DLA to see if I could go back on the benefits I used to have !

So I filled in all the forms spoke to my doctor who supported my claim and sent off the filled in forms.


I can only say that I am completely at a loss as to how they could have refused me as my illnesses are actually worse than back in 2008 when they were willing to give the benefit to me, I THOUGHT I was being community spirited by not accepting the money because I had some but is seems that I should have kept the money.

Am I wrong in feeling let down!!

I am an honest man that worked all my life to bring up my family and thought that in my hour of need my country would be their for me.

Please can someone advice me what to do next as to be honest I don't know what to do.


Whoever reads this I hope you are on a good day today.


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Mike, firstly let me say what an honest man you are. There are many people on benefits that wouldn't of done what you did. In your local area, do you have such a thing as an office of Employment & Welfare? If so, go there and speak to someone about this. If not, perhaps try the CAB. Employment & Welfare can help fill your forms in for you, I know how long they take, so I found them a godsend really to me. Gather up all your records of who you've seen and when. Supportive documents from your doctor/s and hopefully we can get you back on the right track. Unfortunately, it seems that your honesty has been used against you and this is truly unfair. People who claim money falsely have made it so much harder for all of us now. Keep fighting, stay strong and with many family and friends around you, let's see what we can do. If you still don't have much luck then maybe try your local MP. But hopefully, something will of been sorted before then.

Kind regards hun,

much love, take care and god bless :) xxxx


i would advise you go and seek legal advice or go and see c.a.b asap.

Theu are knocking lots lots of people back now.

So yes you have been ley down quite badly.

But you cant live on nothing.

Get your doctor also .


I would agree with the CAB suggestion. The local one in my area has a great reputation for getting benefits reinstated or instated in the first place.



Or welfare rights. They are good too. Please dont give up, we are all in the same boat, all getting knockbacks. We have to fight for what is rightly ours.

Good luck x


I've given this answer before, I was put in the back to work group for ESA and lost my DLA. I joined at this site -

and got my dla back due to the advice here. I can now concentrate on the esa appeal info. it costs £20 to join but is invaluable. the CAB will help. good luck.

regards, sandra99b


1. Ask for a reconsideration, they almost always turn you down at first

2. Join and follow their guidance

3. Collect as much evidence as you can eg doctors appointments, carers diary, care plan.

Good luck

Julie x


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