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My daughter bought my scan picture over yesterday so have put that on my unit in a frame between my 2 little grandsons we have just got to wait and see what the dear little bean is on the 5th sept so not long to wait now, There is nothing like a new baby coming into the family to put a smile on everyones faces and give everyone a bit of hope for the future it is a really lovely feeling my whole family are on cloud nine and eagerly awaiting to find out if we will be buying blue or pink ?

Oh well time will tell as they say x love diddle xxxx

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I know what you mean, my daughter is pregnant and the baby is due on 14 October but she doesn't want to know what she is having. Roll on 14 October!!.


I,never,knew sex of my princess till end.she always had her legs crossed.

So it was a huge surprise to have a girl.

I was blesed to have both.

It does make you smile and gives you hope for future i think.x


I agree there is nothing like an addition to the family to bring everyone together. exciting times. also gives you something positive to look forward to. x x


hi diddle there is defo nothing as exceting as waiting for a baby to arrive iv been blessed with 2 grandsons and a nine month old grandaughter they are wonderful so happy for you and family x


When I had my 20 week scan we were told it was a girl.

He is now 13!

(Good job I had a late scan as they thought my dates were wrong & we got the room redecorated and got the pink clothes changed for blue. Hubby went into mild shock on the way home and as we passed a local hostelry he shouted out "stop the car, I need a pint!")


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