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how is the driving???

i have been driving for 31years and always considered myself a safe and good driver.. never had any points or been stopped by police.. the last few times i have driven ( my husband does most now because of my pain), i feel all panicky and feel my concentration is getting worse when driving... it is at other times but never i was driving with my eldest son who is 25 and we were just taken the dog for her hair cut and decided to drive for him to go look at a few cars.. now i know the area like the back of my hand,, but as i was just driving along i felt odd and thought where am i.. i didnt know what lane to go in, my son was like MUM, it was so odd i was lost in my head, i didnt know where i was.. he couldnt take over as he not insured so had to drive home... i am so scared to drive again.. anyone ever had this.. is it fibro.. or am i loosing it???

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No it is fibro fog dont worry i have had this not very often mind where you feel you dont know what to do but i think your sub consious kicks in but it is a horrible feeling like i ay i have only had it a couple of times but if it got to be a very regular thing then i am afraid i would have to give up my license i would not want to to but i could not bear it if i caused an accident

if i am having a really really bad day i dont tend to drive anyway i.e jelly legs or just fibro fog so just go with how you feel on the day if your not sure just dont drive

Good luck and love to you diddle x


i was thinking that today.. should i stop driving.. i dont drive very often anyway now, my husband usually does it... u saying jelly legs i get that to x do u get shaky arms and hands.. i am like that today xx hope ur ok honey xxx


Iv had the same problem, my consentration is bad , some times with that and the memory loss i feel i have a big brain problem, one of my problems is that the fibro has also afected my face , i have a twitch on one side , whish is so anoying, and the lower part of my right face , i get numbness and sounds silly pins and needles , some times i can have it all day, but when this happens for a few seconds my concentration goes and i dont know were i am, i have bee drive for as long as you have , last night i spent the night in a/e as i had really bad chest pains , so bad that i nearly passed out and my poor husband rang 999, we dont know if is my heart , they sent me home and said that they would ring with the blood results as nothing showed up on the ecg, after coming home i already had a apointment with my gp, and have told her all thats been going on, the problem with driving she said this is down to fibro, so i feel that we are all in the same boat , i dont know about you , but this has started to detroy my life , as i cant see know end to the siptames and pain , but i do try and push myself on, its a shame we carnt all meet up , i have only met one other person with fibro and feel very alone, keep your chin up, your not goning mad, its just fibro sue xxxhope you will feel better soon


hi pennells......... its so scary eh, how this illness keeps taken more and more of our lives.. my mum her sister and brother all died of motor neuron disease and i have worried incase i have it.. docs have never tested but always said no i have not.. anyway what i am meaning is... this takes more of our body than that does but in a slower way... every week there is something different and new... i would need a whole page to tell all what causes me problems.. yes it would be nice meeting up with someone.. i might be meeting up with karen i met on here in the near future.. we should all keep this up.. its so good to talk...

diddle..... hope ur well as u can be today... i feel all shaky dont know why xxx


I too have suffered with this, i also get pins and needles up the back of my neck and lower part of my head, when i am driving this prevents me from turning my head. I also forget where i am going, what i am doing and feel my concentration is poor. I only drive when really necessary now and have just changed car to an automatic to make it easier for me( no gear changes is a blessing, like driving abumper car lol) I had not heard of fybro fog untili joined this site so i assume that is what it is........Good luck and take care of you ((((hugs)))))


Hi Diane, I think most of us who drive, or did drive, can relate to all you say. I was so confident driving, I had had my own car since I was 17 years old, driving every day, motorways etc., I am now 53 and am losing my nerve. It first hit me when I was driving back from my usual visits to my Mum 30 miles away from home. I had made this trip thousands of times without a thought and this particular evening driving home I can't explain totally but I felt "different", I felt I wasn't able to judge my speed or the width of the road or my car properly. It sounds crazy after all those years not thinking about those things, but I knew something had changed. I still drive, but when I get my hazy days I don't go near the car at all. In fact hubby and I have just sold my beloved car and he mostly drives his and I drive when I feel like it and when it feels "normal". I hope the situation remains the same, but if I consistently feel "different" then it will be time to stop altogether. Better to be safe than sorry. We are changing the car shortly to an automatic too, which will be easier. Be safe folks and take care! :) :)


Same here. I used to be a driving instructor!! I gave it up mainly because I would've had to work very long hours to make it pay, but because I was in so much pain, the thought of spending long hours in a car with novice drivers was a bit daunting!

I still drive, I have an automatic now as I have severe pain in my left shoulder and arm, so it's much easier these days and most of time I still enjoy it, but when I'm having a bad day, I tend not to drive, partly because I just can't summon up the energy to leave the house!

There are some days when I have to drive and I know I shouldn't be behind the wheel of car because of fibro fog and it's all I can do to keep my mind on the road.

I hope you don't have to give up driving, especially if you still enjoy it, but maybe just avoid it when you're not really feeling up to it.

Take care of you xxxx


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