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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has trouble screwing the stopper tight on the hot water bottle, I found that if I put a small screwdriver through the hole I had enough leverage to tighten the stopper really tight and now I'm glad that there is no more accidents with it. another tip is if I cannt open a jar of sauce and I wanted to use the entire jar and couldn't open it I pierce the top and then it opens easily. I had another tip but as usual cannt remember what it was, I have tried to remember but it useless cannt remember when I do I will post it hope that you find the tips useful. Best wishes

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  • I think these sort of posts are extremely useful. I have used a rubber gripper for years and don't know how I would have managed without it and also a can puller opener as when I am off xoloue I love my tins of soup. The tip about the hot water bottle is great as I could marry my hottie. I am fortunate in having a hubby but If he isn't around that tip would prove very useful.x

  • You could try wheat bags maybe instead of hot water bottles, you only have to put them in the microwave. I think you can even get them hot water bottle shaped.

    I use a ring pull can opener too and an electric tin opener, couldn't be without mine. I don't like to pierce the lid on jars though as that lets an air gap in and depending how quickly you are going to use the contents it may go mouldy quicker. I usually just bang the jar upside down on the worktop or floor because all you need to do is break the vacuum. Carefully though, you don't want to shatter the glass! Might invest in one of those rubber grips though as it's probably a bit safer.xx

  • I have a little plastic gadget the you hook over the lid of the jar and then raise and that breaks the vacuum seal making it a whole lot easier to open the jar and since the lid is not damaged it will still keep the contents fresh. I have also had to resort to an electric can opener; so much easier. Fizzy drinks bottles are my downfall, if I need to take aspirin I put the dispersibles in a small glass of coke but frequently find I can't open the bottle fortunately my 16 year old son is usually around to provide the muscle. It does make life so interesting when you have no grip and no real strength. Gentle hugs, Steph

  • Ask for an assessment from ot at social services they should provide you with gadgets to help I bought all mine or had them as presents. Sorry getting tired need a snooze x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I have to admit that I have issues with unscrewing my milk cartons, it is so frustrating at times!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I av used players for hot water bottles, as long as I've strength in my wrists, great aving tips from people to help us over come every day tasks that we now find extremely hard. Take care. Sue

  • Hi, I've thought of my other tip it is just for women, sorry, everything hurts us especially underwear, so I've bought bra extenders, they are little piece of material with eyes and hooks on them to extend the length of your bra strap, you can buy them in Shaws or Amazon for a few pounds and they really work no more cutting in. The price of bras it's worth giving it a try because bra cost a lot of money. Best wishes Sue.

  • Hi

    What a great idea. I wanted a hot water bottle for my back recently but because the screw had been put on too tight I couldn't open it. Thanks for this idea.

    I have a special bottle opener. It's fantastic. There is an option for different size jars and bottles. I'd be lost without it.

    Hugs Lu xx

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