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Full blown cold

Nearly two weeks now ive been full of cold! Waking up feeling rougher than usual, strange thing is that its the right side of my body....right ear ache, right nasal blockage, right tonsil, and i just cant shift it. I have taken the usual cold, flu and sinus tablets! I know the doctor wont give me any antibiotics, as i had this in may and she commented that i had this when she spkoe to me on the phone three weeks before i had decided to see her. It just gets you down what with everything else. I also wondered if anyone else suffered predominatly down one side if their body, i feel that my right side is deteriating more, i you like growing older faster. A good day to you all. Shazzad xx

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Hi sorry to hear about your cold making you more under the weather than usual. I amm affected down one side which is why I haven't got a definite diagnosis mine is all down my left side which is he getting weaker all the time take care sue x


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