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Hi im a new member and just diagnosed with fibromyalgia I just cant get my head around all the things that are happening to me I seem to be worse since I got word of what was wrong with me . My depression has got far worse and I am finding it difficult to cope luckily my husband is great but he doesn't really understand bless him especially when my head goes

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Hi and welcome to the board .....

Have you been prescribed anti depressants , if you have you may find with fibro , you need a change or a different dose I think nearly all of us are one sort or another of varying doses....

As for feeling worse , this is what we are here for, information, support, and people who understand

If you want to browse our website it is ...

Any questions just ask away

Vg x


thanks for that yes in on anti depressants and a cocktail of pain killers just coming off tramadol am now on pregabalin but one bright star on my horizon is my holidays on Tuesday just complete rest


You have landed on a brilliant site. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and make yourself at home.




Well said Jillylin , welcome scunny :-)

Foggy x


And if anyone finds a way of getting husbands to really understand, please let me know. MY OH is very sweet and tells me he feels for me, but he doesn't really understand. The spoon theory helped for a short time.


Thanks every one for your welcome it will be nice to have someone to chat to I don't go out only on a Saturday to the local supermarket my Husband is wonderful he is very good and goes along with anything I want but just doesn't understand the depression and the pain how it moves round we have a giggle about it sometimes especially if I am doing daft things we have been together since I was 14 and I am now 62 nearly I am very lucky

once again thanks to everyone for the welcome xx


Hi there scunny.. welcome,, It is all a bit of a blur to you right now, however with all of us the meds are trial and error... you will find the right ones for you and hopefully start to feel better soon.... I too get very low and miffed at my body but i always make sure i have a giggle about something each day... it keeps me sane lol... we are here for you now at anytime xx gentle hugsxx


Hi hun.Welcome.This group of nice people have really helped me.I'm sure you will love reading the blogs,and asking for advice,like I do.Chin up hun,and keep smiling.No it's hard,but try not to let this demon fibro get a grip of


I'm from scunny! Huge welcome! X


hi everyone my doc has just upped my pregabalin up 150mg twice a day was on gabapentin 2700mg a day but weren't much good so im hoping these help he said he was happy to up it after my hols to 300mg twice a day but I have heard they put weight on I have lost an awful lot of weight and got rid of my big stuff so my OH will go bonkers if I have to have another new wardrobe lol has any one else put on weight with pregabalin hi charliii but hi to every one who has left comments for me love to all xx


Hi and welcome, what sort of problems do u have with ur hubby not understanding, my friends find it hard to understand but im lucky in a way as my OH also has it so dose his mum so we can all have a natter how we feel, but Im the only one who suffers dizzy spells, I even fell off the floor LOL. Which bits are the worst for you?


I think the reason you feel worse since you have been given a label as it were is because when you don't have a clue what it is so you tell yourself that you will be well again soon and so you accept what is happening in a temporary mode, even when it is relentless and ongoing your brain tells you it will go away....but once you are told it is fibromyalgia and get to know about it more and realise this isn't the case you feel helpless and scared etc, I don't know if you have been to a pain clinic , but I do know that I used to see a great guy called dr.el rashky from Scunthorpe hospital at the pain clinic ( iactually saw him at Goole clinic ) but I believe he only does Scunthorpe now, he may be able to help you p.s WELCOME!!!..You are now part of our fibro-family!!!... best thing I did was find this site!:)


Hi Misspain my hubby doesn't understand how I can be in so much pain and how it changes from day to day he is so good to me he doesn't understand in a bad way but he doesn't understand because he loves me so much the worst bits for me are the constant pain and im up every morning in between 4 30 and 5 I have even baked at 4 30in morning cos I love to bake and was getting I couldn't do it my hubby took over then when I moaned and groaned he bought me a fab food mixer lol but I sit here in a morning just thinking bout myself and get more and more depressed

hi electricjaws love your name lol have been to pain clinic cos I suffer with "chronic stabbing headaches" don't know who I saw but took a year to get app and he wanted me to have an intensive course of injections in my head he told me they were very painful and prob wouldn't help so when I sed no he discharged me without looking at anything else a waste of time

thanks for your comments I wont be on here for a month am going on my hols thanks to you all its great to have had so many people take an interest in what I have to say so I will speak to you all when I get back lots of love scunny278xxx


Hi there, I'm sure you'll find this site supportive. All the members and volunteers are a great help.

When I was first diagnosed I gave my husband a letter that I had been given by a friend and colleague who also has fibro. It was written by someone who has fibro to her husband explaining exactly how fibro affects every aspect of her life.

I gave my husband the letter plus lots of other info abou fybromyalgia. Thankfully I am fortunate that he was keen to research the condition for himself.

There is lots of medical research on the net which explains the changes visible in the brain etc. I cannot think of the name of the sites off the top of my head but there's lots of research out there. I hope you find some useful information that your husband will read and take on board.

Good luck, Becky. Xx

PS apologies forvany spelling mistakes. Hope the rambling makes sense)


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