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We are looking for people with Fibromyalgia to help us with our study on bodily changes in chronic pain. Can YOU help?


We, a chronic pain research team from the University of Bath, are running a survey about bodily changes and sensations in people with chronic pain, in particular Fibromyalgia.

Changes in the way the body functions, our sensations, and our moods happen over our lives for all sorts of reasons. We are interested in whether there are any differences in such changes in people who live with chronic pain compared to those who don’t. This could help us to better understand chronic pain and how to help those who live with it.

You can help in two ways:

1) If you have fibromyalgia (or other chronic pain conditions) fill in our survey

2) Ask someone without chronic pain (preferably 40+ years of age) to fill in the survey (the age limitation is only for the people without chronic pain)

You can find the survey here: bathpsychology.eu.qualtrics...

Thank you for your time!

Dr. Antonia ten Brink

Note: Posting information about this survey was approved by Fibromyalgia Action UK

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thanks for sharing the study on here.

I am in the USA. Should I participate in your survey?

Yes that would be great! We ask people from different countries to fill in the survey. The most important thing is that your understanding of English is sufficient to complete the survey (but that won't be a a problem I assume).

Hi I filled out the survey did you get it if not let me know and I'll do it again. Thank you I'm susiejo1948 on health unlocked communities. Edited by moderator

Hello Susan,

Thank you for filling out the survey. As the responses are not linked to a person (for privacy reasons) I cannot see whether or not we received yours. However, the responses are automatically saved, even when you close the survey before the end, so I assume that we received them!

Interesting survey, glad I did it, but took a while due to brain fog.

I've filled it in it gives you a good opportunity to put comments and explain sensations.

Thank you for filling it in! We indeed included some space for comments as we will use the answers to do quantitative (using the numbers/categories) and qualitative (using the written answers) analysis. We think a combination of that information is most informative!

I would like to help you with your study


Interesting survey, But I would've liked a bit of space for some extra comments. E.G I have ticked lots of boxes ,particularly to do with sleep and lack on energy,but they;re not due to depression or anxiety, more to do with the Fibro and M.E. I would've also liked to point out that as a 56 year old Perimenopausal women some symptoms ,esp sweating, can be attributed to more than just the Fibro. Also wanted to say how brilliant CBD oil is!!

Thank you a lot for filling it in. We also ask people without chronic pain to fill in the survey, as a lot of people have these kind of symptoms for other reasons (e.g. menopause). So that should be ruled out on a group level at least to some extent. We do not ask people themselves why they think certain symptoms appear, as one can never be sure what the cause is and we are looking at associations between conditions and symptoms. We will also correct for age and sex.

It would be a great help to ask a person without chronic pain to fill in the list as they are equally important to draw conclusions, and we need more pain-free participants at this moment!

Thank you again for your time.

I've shared it with my M.E/Fibro support group on FB

Done :-)

Thanks a lot!

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