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Got tonsillitis!

I haven't had tonsillitis since I lost my dad nine years ago. Started up Sunday evening got worse yesterday,last night was awful so saw the nurse this morning and she confirmed tonsillitis,yet another infection after the stomache one I had a few months ago :(

Fibro does seem to make us more susceptible to these things doesn't it? The pain is horrid all in the right side of my face and throat,luckily I've got my tramadol and paracetamol when I was down with it last time I was in bed for two weeks,hopefully it won't be as bad this time fingers crossed.i also didn't have fibro last time sigh. My sixteen year old daughter is unwell too with a water infection,what a pair we are but at least we are keeping each other company lol

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Hope you get better soon xxx


Hi you are definitely right we do get a lot of infections. I think its because our immune systems are low. I dont envy you yours it is terrible. I hope you feel better soon and I bet your daughter is suffering too, I get bladder infections on a regular basis something to do with yeast another thing fibros have.

Great isn't it.

Please take care.

Bye for now love A


oh lol when my daughter and are are ill together its a case of will you do it no will you do it and then we shout my son lol

get better soon both of you

soft hugs xxx



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