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The gentle twitter of:-

Well not of me but the birds are making merry in the garden - been away for a few days and home to baby bunnies in the bottom of my borders - munching through anything young and tender.! Still I can no longer weed properly only manage to pull a few out and then am forced to sit down so I suspect the bunnies will enjoy the strawberries and the hosta shoots something certainly has had breakfast on them!. My hands are full of pins and needles this morning most annoying so please excuse any spelling mistakes. Today I am going to visit the smallest grand child - 7 months of speed and chuckles- should be fun! Hope everyone has a good day x gins

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i love anything to do with nature, birds singing etc sun shining??? makes me smile and appreciate being alive!!!

hope you have lovely day with your grandaughter x

hugs xx


Sounds lovely where you live; theres definitely advantages to being woken up by singing birds :-) today I was woken by an earsplitting drilling sound and the clatter of work mens' boots not to mention their cheeky banter (which I admit was my fav bit lol). noise is still ongoing as we speak mite have to invest in some earplugs cuz I think they're gonna be here for a few weeks!!! Belfast is a very noisy place lol. Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter being with grandchildren is so much fun and the best part - you get to hand them back when they morph into annoying little brats lol x


Hi you are so right about the morphing into annoying brats mine have not got to that bit yet - but they are exhausting in a nice way xgins


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