The art of being Nanna

Some of us are blessed with grandchildren.

Regardless thank you for reading this post on Health Unlocked.

I am the ultra proud Nanna of a new granddaughter Gwen born 7/4/16.

I am just more than exhausted having cared for number 1 grandchild from 12pm Wednesday till 15.30 Saturday 9/4/16.(He is 2  and refused 'nap time!)

I had forgotten after 33 + years  how much energy you needed to occupy a toddler.

I am so much in pain and fatigued even  the alcoholic 'baby wetting head' has not dulled the need for long rest and peace.

It is so nice now at 17.00hrs to just post on site and hear my dogs snoring on my lap.

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  • Hi there

    What wonderful news that you have been blessed with another grandchild 😊

    I wish her health and happiness in the years ahead of her. 

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

    Lu xx

  • congratulations on a new member of your family. May she bring you all the joys of the world



  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations on your new grand child!! I don't have any but I'm sure they are alot of work...but in turn alot of LOVE!! Rest up!! Peck👵👼

  • Congratulations. 

  • Congratulations my friend, I am genuinely and sincerely delighted to read your news! x :)

  • congratulations x

  • Good to hear the good news. I have looked after three grandchildren and it is very rewarding a d tiring good luck.

  • Congratulations on the new grandchild, I'm sure you will share many happy moments. I have three grandchildren and they are exhausting to look after. I have to say though, I wouldn't miss a minute of it. We just try to recuperate afterwards, and it does take quite a while to recover.

  • I am now in 1st full day of recovery since Grandson went back with his parent Saturday afternoon. The house seems very quiet and the dogs like the peace too!

  • congratulations!  remember to take lots of photo's as they are wonderful to look back on.  my son and I (he's 17) were looking at his baby photo's last night, special memories  x

  • Baby looks just like her Mum at early days. Are they Cavaliers you have Caninecrazy?

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