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diary of a bored patient on being hiv

diary of a bored patient on being hiv

well its home for bed rest today wot a laff like we get any real rest.everyones a comic around me.

this is my last boring diary entry.

i was tranferred into a ward where i was not being watched so closely yesterday yessssss just what i needed..

there was a starer nex tto me she kept staring and staring and asked me after a long time why i had a drip in my arm.

the devil poked me in the ear hard, and i said to her i am an alcholic and they say i am hiv the drip is vodka so that i dont getwithdrawal moments.

what do you mean hiv she said and i replied to her

heavy into vodka.

i felt really bad when her visitors came to see her and she excitedly re told my tale......

oh gosh i really should not do this anymore i could die

laughing but wot a way to go hugz petal

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that made me smile. You are wicked Petal. :)

Make sure you get some rest. xx


omg you are so funny that is hilarious you have taken such a series insident amdmade it funny i will remember that hiv very good bless you glad you getting tyhere love diddle x


omg petal you are naughty ,but that did make me laugh :) just what i needed thank you xxx


Hahaha oh that was so funny thank you for that Petal cheered up my misserable morning xxx


LoLol , bless you and your sense of humour that was classic , hope youre on the mend special petal x


Love it, you only have one life live it ! And we are restricted in so many ways got to get our kicks somehow :-)

No harm done until unruly need a drip :-) PMPL

Soft hugs xxx



i just have to look in the mirror andi curlup with laughter.....huggies p


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