Good sleep

Hi All,

I've had 3 good nights sleep so far since starting the Amtriptaline on Friday - I still can't quite believe that I'm not waking up on and off all night even just to turn over. It usually takes forever to get back to sleep with all the joint pain. I am pacing myself doing the usual jobs because I feel that I have more energy than normal but thats probably to do with having more sleep. I hate that feeling as if you've hit a brick wall and not able to do anything - I wonder why my own doctor never thought to give me those drugs to help me instead of waiting all this time???

Hope it's a good day for you all too :) x

5 Replies

  • thats great news finlay,

    hugs poppy xx

  • Thanks poppy, right back at you xx

  • That is really great news Finlay, its just finding the right drug most times, although I don't need anything to make me sleep, I feel like a sloth infact!!!!

    Ha ha that conjures up some images I can tell you!!!!

    Hugs, Sue x x x

  • it makes all the difference if you can get a good nights sleep. i take the same med. so pleased your feeling better. soft hugs xx

  • hi on Amtriptaline, but somehow it dont work for me...just wondering wot dose u taking, im on 20mg at night, and it still keeps me up, tossing and turning,...thanks

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