applied for DLA. waiting for results :-$

Feeling really emotionally weird. Worked myself up for this 'assessment' . More or less i was trying to convince her or me that Yes i am in chronic pain, Yes you cant really see my torture that i go through daily ,cause ive had to live with this 'chronic disabilitating condition' not knowing what the hell was wrong with me for over 10 years and just being diagnosed 1 month ago, i have fybromyalgia.! WTF ?!?!?!?! but thank god i have this weight taken from my shoulders. but how hard is it to get the government and their little workers to realise I CANT BLOODY WORK! yes i want to, and how frustrating it is also being an active person but cant iron for more than 15 minutes or give my 5 year old daughter a carry code on my back but note that i am only 31 years of age! my mum can do more and shes 52. no wonder theyre baffled!!! So the hell am I !!! wouldnt wana wish this peace of life on anyone! lets hope this robot system will have an oil leak and feel alittle more human and help their people rather than line them up and shoot them from behind into a deep hole or grave into the so called life they want us to be in! yes lets stamp all on the forhead so we have number recognition first cause we have no need to have human contact no more! its all just stuff printed on paper and rich government people. they dont care! FACT.

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  • anyone else this frustrated with the 'system'?

  • Yes very much, I'm in a dispute with DLA at the mo for the last 3 years they gave me low care and high mobility, just renewed my forms, still got low care and NO mobility so I ask "why" nothing has changed in fact pain and discomfort worse, so going to a tribunal with them, I mean Ive got nothing to lose, I have a free bus pass and blue badge for my car and not sure if I will lose them now.

  • Hmm perhaps I have settled for too little but I get dla lowest rate.. No mobility never had to have an examination or interveiw just filled in the form myself listing my gp and pain clinic consultant and my husband filled in what he had to do that I couldn't and got it no problem I have to reapply next June .. Maybe I could get more .. But at least I get something without any hassle. I also have a disabled bus pass just filled in a form got gp to send a letter with it explaining why I can,t drive or walk far and got a five year free bus pass

  • im getting support from the richmond fellowship scotland, and they managed to get someone from DWP to come visit me and filled out the DLA form with asking questions. I was also advised to apply for ELA, as i am currently on income support, but in a sense itll stop the jobcentre breathing down my neck every fortnight asking why i cant work or throwing irrelevent jobs at me. I do want to work , i do want to be self employed but dont need them doing this to me when its not helped. im glad you got something out it huni xxxx

  • Good to see you got a bus pass when your on Low R, DLA, my local council won't give you one unless you get mobility and Medium R DLA. I don't always have the car, if the weather is bad my husband needs it to go to work. Fingers crossed on my reconsideration to DLA

  • Same with us Goldwing think you have to have med to high to get the blue badge and think you have to for bus pass, but will check.

  • I must have a good local council they didn't even ask about dla just wanted to know why I couldn't drive or walk far which my gp explained in a letter

    VG xx

  • on the isle of wight you can get one automatically if you have high rate dla or if you dont you have to have support and a letter from your dr stating your problems with mobility

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