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oops legs turned to lead

Oops, Been a really stressful week, my poor dog is very ill and may not recover.

My daughter got taken in for a c section and baby and her are doing fine. Would be nice to go see them but sadly not possible.

Decided to have one little glass of cider and now legs turned to lead and can't walk. Was it worth it? Oh yer :-) :-)

Happy weekend everyone

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I'm sorry about your dog hun, it's hard when pets are ill.

congratulations! a new grandbaby :) girl or boy?

that must be some cider!



One of those up and down times but the little grand daughter has made me smile xx


Congratulations on new grand baby, know what you mean about you dog, my little westie is living on borrowed time she should have left me a few months go he has chronic kidney failure , has to have her bloods done very four weeks, eating very little, he is 12 1/2 yrs old, I think us English grieve more for our pets than humans I think it because they don't understand what's going on and are unable to tell u just how much pain they are in, wishing u many many cuddles with your grand baby , gentle hugs ...Dee x


I agree Dee, I have been on tender hooks for a week now. He had a stroke a major one 18 months ago and vet said there was little chance of him recovering. I am a good nurse obviously probably as I hardly go out because of the fibro but he survived and got 90% better.

Time will tell on this time as they don't know what is making him ill. Yesterday he was like a puppy again running round and jumping and playing. We will see if he goes back downhill when the meds stop. Fingers crossed he is ok.

So sorry you westie is poorly but he obviously not ready to leave you yes thank goodness. Hope he stays with you for a while yet bless him. x


Oooo I love cider, but it does not love me any more...Since I started been ill 20mths ago, I cannot drink any alcohol at all.....I am such a cheap date lol...Bless your little dog.

Best wishes thou for your grand baby how lovely. xx


Oh the cider or any alcohol is a rare treat now as my legs go to lead with couple of sips. I can only have a drink if someone is here to put me to bed. Not often that happens. xx


Congrats on your new grandchild :) ...So sorry about your dog, I have three and they mean the world to me....glad you enjoyed your cider!



Thinks I needed a cider with all the ups and down. Grand daughter is beautiful and doing great. The do mean the world to you don't they. He is my baby bless him xx


Congratulations on your Grandchild, I had C-sections under epidural for 2 of my 3, how is your daughter doing? I found lavender essential oil helped greatly with my healing.

My beloved black lab passed away this time next week, I have been completely bereft. We had a breakaway down your way, booked into a mobile home in Charnmouth, just wasn't the same without the hound.

He did have a good life though and passed away with his head and forepaws on my lap.

We did visit River Cottage canteen in Axeminster where I had the most delicious elderflower cider, I can personally say it helps with grief!

I hope all the hounds mentioned here have many happy memories to make yet:))x


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