Aching ankles & legs

Hi everyone, I am hoping that everyone is having as good a weekend as they can and would just like to ask if anyone has experienced this. I recently was told to increase my BP tablets Lisinopril - from 15mg to 20mg and became ill with vomiting stomach pain, weakness & fatigue. I went back to docs & he told me to go back to what I was taking & settled with & we can review it at a later date. This was cos my BP was creeping up & high cholesterol. ( Hashimoto's) I have had a busy week doing some teaching for 3 days and now my legs are aching all around my ankle joints and up my legs. I have osteoarthritis but never has this before. Do you think it could be linked ?

Many thanks


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  • Sorry you are suffering like this, do you normally teach three days a week as that must be a lot of standing and walking?

    have you changed your shoes? Suggest that you discuss with your GP. Hope you find a solution soon ;-)

  • Thankyou Betty67 - I am freelance & work all different times etc. not done 3 days straight since the summer but need the money, it gets me so down that I can't do a decent job without pain. Thanks for you comment


  • Sorry but I think you have answered your question 3 days straight is too much for you. I think sometimes I am "normal" but I did three days volunteering a couple of weeks ago at a book fair and i was sat for a lot of the time and suffered for days after. Took far more than 3 days to recover. gentle hugs

  • Thankyou Betty67 for your kind response, it's so difficult as being 54 I need to earn as I live on my own with my son. I get so down & fed up with the predicament of wanting to work but suffer terribly afterwards. I have applied for DLA & am waiting for news. I had low care but have tried to see if I can apply for more when I have done the renewal. Take care & gentle hugs to you too

  • Know it not easy and worrying about money makes our condition worse. Hope you get the DLA as the extra funds are bound to help. gentle hugs x

  • My feet /legs burn all the time no matter what I've done even sitting & relaxing but as you need them to walk with it's a bit of a struggle every day but I just grin & bear it I recently had X-ray of foot cause it swole up & was making me limp but that came bk fine so it's just wear n tear I think hope yours settle down soon xxx

  • Thankyou & you too x

  • Hi. My ankles ache sometimes, I stretch my feet backwards and forwards a few times and rotate my ankles. this seems to help. I stand up all day at work but before I had ME I had no problems with my ankles at all.

  • hi, its diffcult to tell if it is linked, fibromyalgia can cause aching anles and wrists. i think weather it is linked or not, you need to listen to your body and change you lifestyle accordingly. this could mean reducing your work hours. fibro has a way of catching up with you if you dont listen to it.

  • Thankyou for your advice you are very right about that & I am slowly learning about this through experience !

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