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Any recommendations on how to do Paris?

I'm over the moon to be going to Paris next weekend for my 40th.

But I'm worried about how my body will cope? Is there an easy way to do things?

I really want to go to Disneyland and see some sights, I know my walking pace is very slow, and I swell up really bad after flying, so I'm hoping my shoes will fit me!! And lots of rests...I have also downloaded an app to find toilets in Paris!!! I'm hoping that my IBS behaves itself next weekend.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I did Disneyland in December with my children. It was fine it was just when it came to the evening I was very bad. I took breaks during the day and didn't over do it like spending the time in the park then going out at night. I was a sleep before the kids LOL. As long as you pace your self during the day you should be fine x


Hi tovi

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

As far as I am concerned there is only one way to do Paris, the most romantic city in the world (after Derby) and that is to walk hand in hand in the moonlight, with the person that you love.

Your eyes meet across a sea of city lights, loves intensity burning in your hearts and etched for eternity in your souls. You stand so close that their breath fills your face with passion and desire. Closer, closer you move to one another, your hearts, beating and pumping in unison, and aching for their sweet kiss and caress and then ......

'Is that garlic you've been eating?' You ask

'Well it is Paris my love' comes the reply

'Then stay away from me it stinks!'

Sorry, I was really beginning to get a feel for the passion and the romance, then I went and spoilt it!

Anyway, have a wonderful holiday and please come back and tell us all about it.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Wear flight socks for the swelling. Take tablets for IBS with you. Pace, stop to look around often. You can't do all of Paris in a weekend so don't try. Use fun modes of transport, how about a horse and trap to see sites or a boat trip. Sit when you can, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and have a great time. cafes usually have toilets. Jacqueline


Hi, do you have a blue badge? When I went to disneyland last year with my family I took my mobility scooter (they do have wheelchairs there that you can hire). Upon arrival I took my blue badge to the help desk at city hall at the park and they give me a disabled pass. This pass meant that we (me, my husband and daughter) went through a separate entrance to most rides, avoiding the need to stand for extended periods of time in queues. Also can be used to see the characters without the queues. It really respects the fact that for someone ill/with a disability, all the waiting and standing can make the visit very difficult.

Using the pass meant I could use my energy enjoying myself & my family.

I hope this helps & wish you a fantastic holiday xxx


They have buses, we took the red ones, that you buy tickets for that last 48 hours and you can hop on hop off at your leisure, it stops at all the main attractions, best places to see. Also the river cruise is great too. Don't expect to see everything, I've been twice and still didn't.

To be honest if you are staying in central Paris Disney is a fair bit away by train (over an hour from what I remember) and to see it all you would need one whole day.

We went the first time with kids and the second on our own, second time we gave Disney a miss.

I love Paris and hope to go again, enjoy!


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