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Dont know what to di

Hi everyone its been long time , but ive been reading all ur post , ive been so sick

Like all ov u but more after they said im not alloud to get dla , still dnt know what to do

Im now on esa and u knw its nt enought, and between esa and housing just enought for

Rent so really its hard, not enough with pain we have to struggle with something else

I just want to say that i hope no one will get to this point and wondering if anyone knw

When can i apply back to dla?

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Citizens advice should be able to help I think you need to ring them up and ask for advice. Good luck I will check what else you can do xgins


You can always apply for DLA you can be working and get DLA you can unemployed and get DLA its a totally stand alone non taxable benefit though I think it is supposed to have changed to PIP by now .. ( insert cynical laugh) as everyone I know is still being sent dla forms...

Anyway please get yourself an application pack be it dla or pip and then email us at with the heading benefits and which type dla or pip and Emma can send you out the right sheets to help you. Fill it in

Hope that helps

VG x


Hi VG lol im a newbie your name makes me laugh :) I have just been diagnosed in oct last year but have had symptoms for 6/7 years. I work full time and did apply for dla but didn't get it I am off work today with a flare and they seem to be getting more frequent probably due to stress cause my work do not understand my condition. I was just reading and would like to know could I get help with the forms if I re apply I think I got too emotional about some of my answers don't think I filled it in right.

thanks x


But of course get your application form , then just email and state whether you are applying for DLA or PIP and Emma can send out the work and benefit sheets back to you for free :)

VG x


we always offer help go to head your queries PIP or DIA and Emma will send you out the relevant forms ad advise you how to fill them in . xgins


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