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Hi everyone, just a quick one - I have heard that Fibro is common in people who suffer with depression like bipolar. I personally don't have depression (I have certainly had down days with my fibro symptoms though) it would be interesting to see if it does go hand in hand with a lot of fm sufferers????

Hope you are having a good weekend with family/friends/reading or relaxing

Take care xx

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  • I have suffered with depression for over 20 years.

  • So sorry to hear that you have suffered all that time - it's interesting to know whether the depression has triggered your fibro too :(

    Take care and hugs x

  • Hey Finlay, gentle hugs.

    I suffer with severe clinical depression - and have done for about 15 years - the last 10 finally getting treatment. It was only when diagnosed with Fibro -and especially - with PTSD - that both illnesses shared depression as a symptom.


    Carol xx

  • Hiya Cadee,

    It's amazing how you have managed to cope for so long with your depression like glochessum on top of your fibro :( I only have fibro to deal with plus arthitis in my upper and lower spine. I'm not sure what PTSD is though?

    Thanks for your input.

    Love and hugs xx

  • Hey Finlay,

    I've had arthritis of the neck about 30 years. Hereditary.

    PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Which could actually go way back well over 34 years - If you'd want the sorry little story of how it all came about - just let me know.

    Gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

  • I was diagnosed with depression around the same time as being diagnosed with fybro after I had surgery that went wrong :-(

  • Hey Kasha,

    Thanks for your reply - so sorry to hear you had problems through surgery (our life in their hands ) :( it's dreadful when we put our trust in our medical profession and then come out worse....

    Thanks and angel hugs to you x

  • ive had depression since i had a bad breakdown 15yrs ago xxx

  • Hi Maddonna,

    Sorry you are another sufferer for many years :( it certainly looks like there is a connection between depression and fibro. I know there are other triggers too - it would help us if the NHS did research into specific causes then maybe it could be diagnosed more quickly instead of everyone having to wait years in some cases!

    Take good care, gentle hugs xx

  • coz we dont sleep properly we get depressed. I was put on anti-depressants as soon as i was diagnosed with fibro.

  • Hi siver,

    I can see how this would affect you over a long period of time - are they treating you for fibro or depression or both? xx

  • I am taking them for fibro, I think the idea was to avoid getting depression. Unfortunatley after over 10 yrs of fibro I do get depressed, but I am sure it would be a lot worse if I didnt take them.

  • I think after 10 years with the dreaded fibro it's only natural you would get depressed so luckily they are treating you and hopefully keeping it at a level where you can control it :)

    Take care xx

  • Hi

    I have never had any kind of mental illness, and never

    Had depression, like everyone I do get a bit tearful when

    I have a flare.

  • Hi vivien,

    I am much like you with no history of depression/mental illness but do have my down days when I get frustrated because I can't fight it and not able to do anything - I 'm doing much better now though since they put me on meds.

    Hugs x

  • hi i have had bouts of depression but it was a car accident i had in 2006 that left me with fibro i had soft tissue damage and whiplash also it caused pain in my lower back then i had pts due to the accident but was fine before the accident xxxx

  • Thanks harvey,

    It looks like the car accident was the trigger for your fibro - it's difficult to know whether you would have gone on to get it if you didn't have the accident!

    Sorry to hear of your injuries :(

    Gentle hugs x

  • sorry no depresion i very happy .. however huge trama set mine off xx

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Hi Lexie,

    Glad you don't have depression along with your fibro - it's sad to hear you had a bad trauma though :(

    Gentle hugs back to you xx

  • Hi Finlay,I have sufferd pain with my spine since a child,I have curvature of the spine and degenerative discs.

    And also because of a rotten childhood depression,it`s haunted me all my life to some degree or other.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxx

  • Hey butterfly,

    Nice to hear from you but sad to hear all that you have been through :(

    I can't even imagine all that you have suffered since childhood and here am I complaining after only a short time compared to you.

    Your spine problem probably started your depression followed by fibro.

    Big fluffy gentle hugs to you xx

  • Hi Finlay, no depression here either, just the odd 'not-so-bright-rainbow' moments with me. PTSD is most likely my trigger also.


  • Thanks pottydog,

    It seems that there are a few different fibro triggers - firstly in people who have depression over long periods and/or a long term ilness, then those like us when a specific trauma/accident triggers it off.

    Hopefully our medical profession will do their trials and start treating people a lot sooner instead of all the pain and suffering that goes on for too long

    Hugs xx

  • Hi, I have suffered depression for about 19 years now. I had counselling in 2010 to talk about the sexual abuse I suffered back in my childhood and the bereavements I've suffered since 2000. I was diagnosed with Fibro and Hypermobility in May last year. I was told then they think fibro goes hand in hand with depression. But they don't know why? xx .

  • Hi shazbyt,

    It amazes me how people like yourself have been left for so long without doing further tests - I'm so sorry to hear you have been suffering for so long with depression plus abuse before that :(

    I too have heard fibro goes hand in hand with depression.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Angel hugs xx

  • i struggled for years...and was always told that all of my symptoms were due to anxiety and depression..even when i tried to describe the pain no one took me seriously..it was a reflexologist who eventually told me to mention fybro to my GP.....light bulb moment..evrything slotted into place.altho ive still got the pain i finally know im not going mad......hope your well.x

  • Hi saraann,

    I feel for you and understand how you must have felt when you finally found out what was wrong with you :( I too was frustrated knowing there was something seriously wrong with me but the doctors kept saying gallbladder/IBS then eventualy one of the gp's said my symptoms sound like fibro ( that light bulb moment like yourself) everything fell into place.

    I can deal with it now ( with the help of meds) but I did truly think I was cracking up at one stage!!!

    Angel hugs xx

  • Thanks for your reply Finlay.

    I've been on anti-depresants for years on and off...But about 3 years ago, I had this bad pain in my right scapula and kept goin to the docs and asking why it wasn't goin away? His response was "oh you have probably injured it" Er....No..I think I would know about that! well I was put on painkillers....as time went on I was getting it in both scapula's and down my spine....like my whole back was seizing up when i moved or walked. Anyway in 2010, I was gettin pains in my arms & legs, as well as neck and Back. Saw the nurse practioner and she did bloods etc...all came back fine. But I'm still getting all this pain. I actually thought i was having a heart attack at one point cos I was getting pains in my chest...it was ridiculous! She put me on the twelve leads to reassure me I wasn't...and it all came back fine. Anyway still in a mass of pain, so I saw My own GP again and he said the pain could be Fibromyalgia or ankylosing spondylitis? I said.. "whats that?" He said... "it's linked with depression but they don't know why?"....and that was it, no talking pain relief with me...just put on Naproxen...which didn't bloody help at all!. Anyway I went and saw my Nurse practitioner again and I just broke down and told her about the pain, the tiredness and just how shit I felt on a day to day basis... all that, and my fears for my family aswell as the sexual abuse I suffered. What a lady, she was really good with me she got me counselling and referred me to the Back pain clinic, who in turn referred me to Rheumatology...where I was Diagnosed. Its her I have to thank for taking the time to listen and get me on the road to finding out what was wrong. She's now moved from my practice...I wish I knew where she went cos I would change practices and go to where she is....as I feel my GP is not all that interested in how I feel to be honest. Ah well...just gotta keep smiling and keep me sense of humour. Mr Fibro aint taking them off me too! :) xx

  • I totally felt the same as you, the last time I went to see a lovely lady doctor. I had got to the end of my tether and said , look I can't go on like this - the pain is not normal as well as the fatigue which had got me down. She referred me to a rheumy but it was a 6 month wait so decided to go private a couple of weeks ago to finally get diagnosed. I suffered with kidney cancer a few years ago but this was worse :(

    I'm so glad I saw her that day otherwise I may have been fobbed off again - it was very lucky you saw the practice nurse that day too what a relief!!!

    What about the new practice nurse that took over could you not go to see her?

    Keep smiling, hopefully one day we will be shot of me fibro and be able to have a normal life again :)

    Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I'm doing on my phone lol

    Take good care

    Angel hugs xx

  • Depression doesn't cause Fibro, but having Fibro can certainly make you depressed! This is called reactive depression - where you are depressed as a reaction to circumstances, like being in pain and doctors not listening to you.

    Long-term severe emotional stress can however lead to the over-stimulation of the Autonomic Nervous System that kicks off Fibro, as can trauma and pre-existing chronic/painful conditions. It isn't uncommon as well when you listen to stories of people who went through a long period of severe emotional stress to find that they also underwent physical trauma, whether through accidents, operations or violence.

    The genetic link with Fibro may help explain why some people who go through these things are fine and some develop Fibro. Another factor in this is positional cervical cord compression, which can be caused by trauma and pre-existing conditions and is now linked to Fibro.

  • Thanks for that Lyndsey - I too have started to read more about fibro which helps a lot.

    Hugs x

  • Hey finlay, no worries about replying late.Thanks for replying.

    You sound like you have been through a great deal too. Glad to hear you are over the cancer now...thats horrendous all by itself without the Fibro.

    As for a new Nurse Practitioner, no we haven't got one....which is a shame. :( I'm not one for going to the docs all the time, thats why I worry that I'm not being believed about the amount of pain I'm in even though My doc has had the Rheumy's report. But hey ho, nothing I can do about my Docs attitude.

    what I do find, is how difficult it is to put into words how you feel and explain it so people understand...thats tough cos I don't want to come across as a whinger...awful isn't it. :/

    Ah well...never mind...just gotta keep smiling and try and deal with each day as it comes.

    Big hugs. xx

  • I know what you mean shazbyt, I don't Like going to the docs either. I could explain everyone else's problems but my own, I seem to clam up or find it

    difficult to explain my symptoms or how I feel ( very similar to you)

    In having a bad night with pain in my shoulder back and knee so off to bed to try and rest with some pain relief.

    Take care, hugs xx

  • Thanks for that Lindsay, thats interesting info. I've started to really read things now and get a better understanding Fibro and it's many symptoms....when the Fibro fog gives me a break that is. Lol. xx

  • Yeh Me too Finlay, I've overdone it today I think, my back and hips along with the thighs are givin me some real gip! had me druuuugs! Just waitin for them to take the edge off, so I can get some rest. It's a bugger isn't it? Poor us. Anyway here's to a better day tomorra....says this wistfully, lol. Hope you feel a lot better after some rest. Catch up with you at some point. Thanks for listening and replying. Its great to talk to people who understand what we go through. Take care hun.

    Big hugs. xx

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