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Pain in hand when writing

I'm experiencing a lot of pain in my right hand when I have been at college writing and it has got so bad sometimes I can't write. I have tried some gels to help relieve pain and some support bandages. Does anyone else get it and how do they cope with it.

Thankfully I have passed my Numeracy class now, so one last thing to take notes for now.

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Hi Moomoo, i get that on a regular basis, but with me it started when i was about 14, i might not have any problems for over 1yr then all of a sudden my wrist goes. i was told by my GP that the cause was called Tenosynovitis, i will let you google it rather than me try to explain LOL .. when it gets bad i wear an elasticated wrist support, you can buy these from sports shops or the sports section in tesco or asda, i found that they were cheaper in the big shops than they were in the chemist.

Hope this helps you, if it gets too bad i would go and see your GP

All the best



Hi moomoo,

My hand cramps up when writing, is that what you mean?

If it is i have found nothing that helps sorry but i do know that they are worse if they are cold.

sorry not much help lol.

kel xxx


Hi moomoo,

My job is typing all day and i would get really stiff hand and end up doing 2 finger typing. I also find the fibro fog makes me do a lot of typing errors and makes me even slower at typing. I find steeping hands in hot water helps.




i get this too...i cannot write for very long at all, or peel vegetables...even holding the phone for too long cause pain. There's not alot to relieve it..i just stop what i'm doing and take some paracetamol (which doesn't help much). Eventually the pain wears off.

Sorry, not much help i know x


Hi, I also get horrendous pain in my hands especially my thumb joint. I too can't write. I am so gutted as I used to have nice handwriting, now it looks like a slug has slimed across my page!!!!

Like Nicola says i believe the best thing to do is to stop, wriggle them around a bit to get some flexibility into them and rest.



Thanks everyone, Rach1977 I get it in my thumb joint. I've always held my pen a little diff to most but it really is acting up. i suppose it's just the joys of FM.

Sadar, my job was admin, typing all day. I am re-training as a Teaching assistant as it's more varied. I think I would fall asleep if I had a desk job again.

I also have my own business as this involves typing and making things etc. I too struggle with peeling and squeezing the laundry liquid in the machine for washing nicola. Thanks for all the advise. I have something similar in my Jaw called Myofacial pain syndrome, it locks up and can't chew hard things


I too have problems with my jaw, it hurts when putting large amounts of food in my mouth so now just have to have small mouthfuls with easy food.

Sometimes the worst pain right in the side of my jaw that it brings tears to my eyes, it even hurts to touch that bit now.

I have just tried lol.

What can be done for it?

should i mention it to my gp?

thankyou kel xxx


Hi my dentist referred me to the dental hospital just to rule out anything with my jaw, the x-rays all fine. Its from clenching, I was told to try and keep a natural gap and not clench and a hot water bottle and soft foods


thankyou moomoo xxx


yes tendonitis is also a factor of FMS i have it in my ankles knees and shoulder. i could do with support for my whole body. lol


sure does ChristineEls. lol


Yes have to look into a decent wrist support. Kleenze have one actually.

I meant to look at the big boots today, but the really bad period pain took priority.

I was having lunch with a friend I had not seen for ages.


i use to get this in both hands but mainly i my right hand was miss diagnosed for years because i used the wrong terminology. i was telling the doctor that i was getting cramp in my hand when i held anything or sometimes when sleeping; so was always given creams and physio till one day i saw one of the main docs at the surgery and i told him what was happening he sat back and ask me do i mean cramps or do i mean numbness i said whats the difference; he said aah there is a difference if its cramp it will most likely be the muscles if it is numbness it is more likely to be lack of blood circulation when i thought about it it was so true and it was numbness i should have been saying all the while. anyway had it checked out and apparently i had carpel tunnel syndrome. had it operated on and 6mths later the other hand and now i can type and even pick up a book now. so make sure you are using the correct terminology. if its more pins and needles it will be numbness you are feeling which i will be due to circulation problems. hope this helps anyone.

hope you get it sorted out.


I just want to get a clearer sense of what you're talking about. You asked the doctor what the difference was and he told you two different causes...but the important things to differentiate between are the symptoms. It seems (to me at least) that cramping and numbness are two vastly different things. What I'm experiencing is moderate pain in the muscles located in the fleshy area between my thumb and other fingers after writing, sometimes for only a few seconds. I also get it when even gently squeezing something for more than a few seconds. Is that what you were experiencing? Or were you experiencing the lack of pain, lack of feeling that comes with numbness?


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