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First Post: My Story

Hi all, I am from Northern Ireland I was diagnosed with Fibro over twenty years ago and it has taken this long for me to get any help from the dhss, I was in the army when one day I was doing a run and my legs stopped working, I went to the doctor and he said that it was just a strain or a pull, I got to hear that a lot over the next few years.I struggled on in the army for a year or so then one day I was asked to go for an assessment, the poked at me and then asked me to sign a few forms, I was on my way. I went to see my GP at home and he passed me on to a Dr Whitehead who diagnosed me, I was the first man she had met with Fibro (at last I was first in something ) then my life went downhill.

To give a run down I have Fibro the full 20 points I was bed bound for six months at one point, then the bladder went and the IBS struck and to cap it all I was diagnosed as clinically depressed (I was a real joy to be around), I went through the full gambit of tablets pain killers anti depressants etc I even tried st Johns wort not to bad but played havoc on the tum. My main treatment was a loving family and a bloody minded attitude towards what was wrong, though to be honest it won quite a bit of the time, I applied 5 or 6 times for help and was always turned down I had letters from almost everyone but in Northern Ireland the DHSS don't like to help very much, I always got the feeling that they thought that it was their own personal money, I finally managed to get some help 2 years ago (yea),

What am I doing with myself now well I am a mature student at uni and its great the uni is so helpful and there is so much help for disabled students from extra time in exams to financial help I would highly recommend it to all as it helps me focus and lets me feel whole again, if you cant turn in then they try to help by getting you your notes etc, the best thing though is it gets me out.

well I have bored you all with my story, I feel for you all and look on you all as friends, I was once asked at a help group what is the best bit of advice I could give, A loving family good friends a strong painkiller but most of all try to keep you sense of humor, a smile or a laugh is the best painkiller in the world.

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bless you hun, you are certainly inspirational!!!

a real rollercoaster of a life but im glad you are back on top!!!

this site is a godsend cos it doesnt matter how bad you are feeling, this lot picks you up, gives you a hug and the strength to carry on!!

love and hugs to you Brian xxx


Hi Brian I too am from Northern Ireland and it is great to welcome you to this site. You will make many good friends here and get great help,advice and support from people who are suffering the same as you. I look forward to reading your blogs and questions in the meantime am sending you gentle hugs.


Hi Brian, and welcome :-)

sounds like you have been through alot, but so glad you found this site, there is loads of advice and friendly people to help answer any questions, have a laugh and even a good old rant when you need too :-)

Hope to chat soon,

love and gentle hugs xxx


h brain welcome t have fibro 28years t was diagnosed 18years a go i am also from Northren Ireland this site is a godsend x


Hi Brian :)

Thank you for sharing your story :) I too am going to uni in September and I am already amazed at the amount of support from them. I'm so excited!

My story is on my blog somewhere if you fancy a read. I've only been here a few days but everyone is really friendly and supportive, you've come to the right place.

Take care



hi brian thanks for your story, youve come to the right place xxx


Welcome hun and you will have such great advcie and friends on this site,you are a amazing inspurational man who has a lovely family who support and love you despite the bad times and good times. I was thinking of going into adult education at uni and then felt too ashamed due to fibro fog and amount of pain i am in plus being in a wheelchair that has a mind of its own lol.

Hope your well and fighting fit hun.

Gentle hugs

Jules xx


hi and welcome to the site thankyou for sharing youyr story and good for you for having that bloody mindednesss to go out there and do something that is such an inspiratinal story it really is

you have got such a fantastic attitude like we all should try to have and basically you rule fibro and not let it rule you

i am only on and off here at min had chest infection that has knocked me for six so just easing back into things at min but i hope to chat to you again and look forward to it

i hope that you get so much from the site help advice and if nothing else you can be you on here and you can be honest if you wanna moan you cant you can rant to your hearts content love to you Diddle x


Hi I also come from northern Ireland but have lived in England snce I was 18 I agree with the bloody mindedness attitude I've had fibro since I was 10 ad soon e 38 disability dr told me it was sheer determination that's kept me out of a wheelchair so hats of to u xx


Hi Brian thank you for sharing your inspirational story x I agree, laughter really is the best medicine!

Glad you found this's brilliant.



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