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Another day another consultant !!

oh well i have just had appointment for the vasculor surgen for the 30 july

so hope fully i can get in to see the lymphodema nurses and to start the


So with a bit of look we can stop things getting to bad and to try to keep me mobile

and if anyone has been puting of getting a mobility scooter DON'T they are fab

you can get out on your own insted of having a babysitter

soft hugs to you all by for now

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hi kath lv,i hope you get least i can get around so i feel fortunate,lots of lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx


Hi Kath. I'm suffering really bad at the moment with my Lymph but as the leg clinic here closed down am waiting for an appointment with the McMillan nurses. Left leg especially is giving me jip. and feel as though it has become a beehive. Could you tell me, are you having a lot of pain with yours. Have just got up after spending 2 days in bed. Like most people on here have muliple ailmens,, all under the umberella of FM. When I went the leg clinic the stockings they gave me did more harm than good especially where the creases in my leg were. Have been told there is a long waiting list for the MacMillan nurses so guess I will just have to hang on till they can fit me in. Glad to hear you're able to get out and about now. Any advicve you can give me would be greatly appreciated.




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