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Another day nearly gone!

Another day nearly gone!

This is my first blog ever anywhere, so here goes!

I awake in the morning (1am,2am 3-30 etc lol!) about 8am and plan in my head what I'd LIKE to acheive for today.

Depending on the weather (wet again!) I would enjoy doing a bit of gardening, nothing to hard, just a bit of weeding & planting out the clematis that arrived last week, along with the hundred or so free bulbs that came with them.

The kitchen needs clearing up after last nights home cooked meal.

I really should go into work for a couple of hours at least, & catch up on the paperwork, before my desk gets completely buried.

My lovely dog needs a walk & run off the lead, so I must drive to the place & have my daily P.R.T.P (Plod Round The Park!)

The washing is up to date, but the mountain of ironing just gets higher by the day, I really must tackle that too.......

The sofa's cushions need plumping up, (yes I slept downstairs again, didn't have the energy to go to bed!)

The dog's hairs need vacuming up & the dust needs moving about.

That should do for now I think. Then I TRY to get up.........

The aches, pain, stiffness & weariness hits me like a BRICK!

What was I thinking! The above will take me a month of sundays!

I've managed the PRTP, it was nice to get out in the fresh air, & for the first time this week not get caught in the rain. Everywhere is fresh & green,(& boggy!) The sun was out & the birds singing, my retriever loves the streams that were just dry ditches last week, much more fun now!

I did need to sit on the wet bench 1/2 way round for a rest, but that's OK, I'll allow myself that. Not quite so keen on the feeling round my rear end that I haven't had since I was a small child! Yuek!!! Must wear a longer coat next time.

Seeing my dog run free gives me immense pleasure, & the warmth of the sun on my face gives me a glad to be alive feeling.

Not so good is the odour of "Damp Dog" that fills the car on the way home! Poooh!

Have managed the cushions, unload/load the dishwasher, few items washed up by hand, ate lunch at 2-30. prepare dinner for three for tonight with a few sit downs inbetween, & as I said above, another day nearly over!

Maybe I'll be realistic with my list for tomorrow..........just maybe!

PS for those of you who wondered why I chose the shadow as my name, It's because I feel a shadow of the person I used to be!

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Your pic of your dog is so cute, what a beautiful dog...he looks like he was worth getting a wet behind for! Funnily I do the same..I wake up fairly ambitious...manage a bit...have a coffee...manage a bit more...another coffee...and the day progresses like this. I know too much coffee! Im sorry you feel a shadow of you you once were, sometimes we have to fight a bit harder to find who we have become instead and start liking them too. Take care of yourself. xxxxx :)


Wow! What powerful words, they have hit me hard & I am crying, but I must say in a good way you have made me realise, & not for the first time, that I must try harder to accept myself as I am now & not long for what I was. It's kinda like a grieving process that I am not yet quite thru, I get cross with myself & frustrated, but I know that doesn't help me or anyone else around me. Thanks for caring enough to comment!

I love that pic of my dog, she is now 2 but still acts like a pup, & still comes up on my lap for a cuddle! HEAVYYYY! She makes me get up & go out each day, & I'm grateful for that & her companionship.

Hope you have de-caffe coffee, because that won't help with your sleeping!

Take care fibrodude! xx


hi and a very warm welcome to the site and what a really lovely blog i enjoyed reading that it was very refreshing i love the pic of your doggy my pic is my doggy yes i know what you mean about the wet dog smell ??? mmm leaves alot to be desired and the wet behind another mmmmm yes longer coat me thinks lol

i am ow going to collect my doggy from the botto of the bed to take him up the road he wont like t much he is all culed up warm and cozy bless him ! he doesnt mind the rain its the wind he hates

my housework/washing/ironing all up to date and my daughter who finishes work at 5 wants a pizza so top oven job i wont bother tonight

just want a hot bath and sit down again with my heat/massage pad it has been a godsend my eldest daughter bought it for me

anyway i hope to chat again soon love to you diddle x


Thanks for the warm welcome diddle. I have a heat massage pad on the chair in front of the computer, now I can chat to real people instead of wasting my time playing spider solitaire!

Enjoy your walk with your cutie, hope you miss these too frequent showers. x



I am glad you managed to get out today and the feeling you express about being outside I can relate to and wow what a first blog i only managed a few words on mine a week ago. If you want support you have come to right place i have been welcomed so warmly by the people on this sight and even laughed today. Is your dog a labrador? I have a Black labrador called Ben who is getting on a bit now but still loves a hug it is more for me i think most of the time.

He watches me all the time and knows if I am having a bad day. He is sat by my feet now fast asleep snoring.

Getting jobs around the house done takes some doing and pacing i find. Well i am off to unload the dishwasher and school pick up time.

welcome and hope you have a lovely rest of the day lesley x


Hi linksy lesley

Thanks for your kind words. Jazz is a two year old golden retriever, who is still a small pup in her head, but a big lump on your lap!!!

I think they know when you are a bit down, glad you have Ben for comfort. x


Love reading your Blog! Love your dog too :) I have a 5 year old Rottie and she is my life. Cant take her walks which kills me as she is too strong and she is not too popular off the lead (Nasty Rotties and all that:( ) Plus I have no upper range in my voice and can't shout. She sits with me all day though and if I have to go to bed she will come with me lol She is here now snoring away as I type this lol.

Lots of what you write I can identify with. I wake and do that mental "don't feel too bad today will do washing thats piled up empty dish washer hoover the carpets (dog hair) (oh I have a dog thats hates the hooverlol) do the ironing put clothes away make all the meals. (My Mother lives with me 83 and my Son 23 he works shifts so can have 6 meal times a day lol) In reality put one load of washing in empty dish washer clean kitchen.........exhausted. Sit down for a few minutes etc etc get about a 3rd of the jobs done and it looks as though I have done nothing lol

Sue xx


Hi sue,

Lovely to hear from you. So sorry you can no longer take your rottie out for a walk. That makes me sad. Jazz is too strong for me so I use a haltie on her, like a miracle, it really does stop her pulling! I have trained her to come back to me using a whistle & treats, yes good old bribery & corruption!

Your home sounds like an all day cafe, with so many meal times, poor you! Hope you do some easy meals that you can re-heat .

The first time I read your blog I thought you had put washing in empty dishwasher! I paused in the wrong place, did make me laugh though. I have put things in wrong place sometimes & can't find them for ages. When I do, I don't remember even putting them there, I'm sure we have gremlins!!!

Take care xx


Hi Shadow, what a nice blog, good reading!

I have a yorkie called miley who at times can be a little yelp lol

but wont have her any other way, i am like you at the weekend lying in my bed

mentally doing all the house work, then get up and realised it wasnt a dream

it still had to be done!! do some during the week but as i work full time i cant do everything

im only human i keep telling myself. ;)

hope you enjoy the site as much as the rest of us, its like reading my daily paper everyday

dont like missing it. :). anne xx


Hi Anne,

Glad you enjoyed my blog, I've so much enjoyed replying to everyone, I don't feel so "alien" anymore.

Glad you have Miley for company, it's good to have a dog to talk to, I was gonna say that can't backchat, but mine does! At least they can't repeat what we say! Especially ~#**@#! muttered under our breath at times of stress!

I only read the local daily newspaper back page first to follow SUFC, there's too much depressing news in the main papers, so will copy you & read this site every day, sounds like a great idea!

Sweet dreams, xx


Hi Shadow . What a gorgeous dog ! I have a Chocolate Labrador and she loves water too ! ( But doesn't like going for a pee in the garden if it's raining ! )

I'm brilliant at lists , in fact I lie on the bed each night and mentally do a lovely long list for tomorrow.......... and then come the morning I hobble to the kitchen , make a cup of tea and slump in front of the tv to watch the news...... the heir hunters....... then homes under the hammer........ then don't get done get Dom......... oops it's almost lunchtime !

I get dressed then and potter around doing bits and pieces , put my laptop on and before I know it it's dinner time !

Tomorrow I've got to be at the doctors for 9 am !!!! 9 am ??? My brain doesn't wake up til midday !

Welcome to the site , loved reading your blog..... :)



Hi Helen,

Thanks for the welcome, I'm amazed at the amount of feedback i've had so far.

I did Lol at your comment on Drs. Appt. Good luck with time & content.

Know just how you feel, but I can beat that! Had MRI scan at local hospital at 8am last Friday, had to leave home at 7-15! Ugh! MRI scanner so uncomfortable, too hard & narrow, not to mention the noise! Aparentley I moved, flinch at pain I think, so she had to do one scan again, I was in there about 40mins..... Probably best it was not like my bed or I may have gone back to sleep.....

I have to get up & move round carefully & slowly in the morning to get going, & not sit in a car for at least 2 hrs. That did me in for the rest of the day!

There seems to be a recurrent theme running through all these comments. Most us of seem to do a mental (in the mind), & I mean MENTAL (as in stupid!) list that we can't possibly plough through. I wonder why? It's good that we still want to try & I know optimisim is a good thing, but........

Also where does the time go? I'm convinced someone has moved some of the daytime hours to the nighttime when we can't sleep!

Coming back to dogs, I think all Labradors & Retreivers love the water, with Jazz the dirtier & smellier the better! Whats your dog's name?

So glad I found this site, has made my mind more settled & given me a few laughs too!

Take care xx


Hi Shadow,

she's called Molly and is just coming up to 3 . She was a rescue dog who'd been badly treated and had already had one litter of pups by the time she was one . She had a severe flea allergy when we got her 12 months ago. She's now flea free and spayed !

She's totally in love with Rich ( my fiancé ) and follows him round our tiny bungalow batting her eye lashes at him. I call her his chocolate tart lol.



Hi Helen,

I love Molly's nickname, chocolate tart! Thats funny & apt. Lol

If I live to be 100 I will never understand why people have pets they do not love & look after, but then some people treat their kids the same. It's a strange world we live in. Glad you found Molly & vice versa, you are good for each other!


Hi shadow(used to have a dog of that name)glad to meet you and loved your blog.Welcome to the site.

I too have a little dog a yorkie,she is my world,as they all are to us.Be it dog or cat.

The last few days I have put my jobs to do list into practice and I feel shattered.If it hadn`t been for the vacuum cleaner beating me up yesterday it wouldn`t have been so bad.

It decided it couldn`t pick up another piece of dust and died on me.Then I realised I hadn`t emptied it since last summer.So took it apart and well it was like felt matirial inside.

Something made me have hope with it,so emptied it all out,cleaned filters and waited for it`s temperature to go down(it was very hot poor thing).

Took the plug out of the wall,put it back in and tried again.

No joy,dead as a Dodo,then lightbulb in head came on(no it doesn`t happen often)and decided to see what amp it was.Joy of joys 13amp,knew I`d seen one somewhere.found it,put it in and switched on.

Well it worked,was I ever proud of myself,as could easily have wheeled it down to the bins and had a 1 minute silence for it.

Then today took Tiffy down to the town to the beauty palour,left her there to be pampoured and zig zaged my way round town for an hour.

Picked her up,looking ever so lovely I might add,and then took her to the vets for annual booster.Everything went well till I said I was really worried about 3 particular nasty warts she has and felt they needed removing.

Vet agreed with me this time and gave me a price of £250.00 to do it.Well somehow will have to cut back on more(don`t know what) and save to have it done.

Well tomorrow is going to be a duvet day as now I can`t move but there you go.

Hope I haven`t bored you or, Rambled on,but so long as we use paragraphs and it`s hopefully legigible.The site is for telling each other how we feel,what we`ve been up to And I would hope a laugh along the way.

Love and Hugs Butterfly xxxxxx


Hi Butterfly

Your adventure with the vacum cleaner made me laugh! Well done, not only have you saved money by not having to buy a new one, but no wreath or black arm band either! LOL

I would have thought beauty parlour would have mentioned warts on Tiffy if they are bad enough to need removing? I would get a 2nd opinion & other quotes from different vets if I was you, I know treatments are dear, but that does seem OTT! Good luck on this.

Not bored at all, if fact quite the opposite, I'm now hooked on this site, the twilight hours are no longer lonely & pointless!

Love your name, conjours up a summer's day. Gentle hugs xx


Hi shadow. Like others I can really relate to what you say.I start the day saying today I will really get something major done. After an hour I have to sit down and once i sit down my head goes back and I am asleep. Your dog is lovely and must be a great companion to you. My two dogs were for me . I had an alsation cross and a greyhound and I loved them to bits. They could sense how I was feeling better than people.

I'd like to say that this site is brilliant. Everybody is so lovely and it is great to talk to people who know exactly how you feel without having to try to explain(I find fibro nearly impossible to describe to anyone who doesn't have it). I no longer feel as alone as I did. I think we are all an amazing bunch who soldier on and refuse to lose our sense of humour to this cruel illness. Long may we laugh!


Hi Rubycat,

I couldn't agree more with what you say. I find it so difficult to explain to people what Fibro is, they say something like "oh right" & you feel they would have understood better if you had been talking Japanese!!! Lol

There is a unique bond between us & our pets, maybe they are more sensitive to our moods because they can't ask us how we feel, they just seem to know when we are happy or down.

You are so right about our sense of humour.....this condition may take away our mobility but us Fibromights will make a joke out of ourselves & anything else! Long live laughter! xx


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