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Well i just came to bed and i am sooo hot i have got my windows wide open no covers on and i am still hot hot hot so with that and fibro i cant see me sleeping much tonight lol .

RRoll on 4 am ha ha and i can get up and get out to walk the dog at 5 am

Or bring on the thunderstorm to clear the air !!!! i love a good thunderstorm .

love o you all diddle xxxxx

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all storms make me feelgood in africa the electricstorms are awesome to watchand the thunder is deafening i missthoseso much petal


Hi there,

Yeah I love a good thunderstorm, I missed the last one - :-( They have a lovely way of clearing up the air and making everything seem so peaceful afterwards. It is symbolic for me that way. Hope you get some sleep tonight and manage to feel rested. It is bloomin roasting hot, dont think this weather knows what it is doing lol, xx


I woke up covered in sweat and now sat on the leather settee and more sweating! cant win can we?

hope you do manage to sleep

hugs poppy xx


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